I’ve participated in two spindle swaps this summer. I swapped with a lady in Singapore this time. Here is the latest swap for World Wide Spin in Public Day, which this year is September 18th.

From the top left clockwise: (a) Note set with stickers, envelopes and paper (b)Four green and black 100% Jacob batts totaling a bit less than 4oz (c)Two spindles-the one in front is 1.2 oz maple and walnut from A Spinner’s Lair and the one in back is an oak disc. Both fit into the cute drawstring bag underneath (d)Winter edition of Spin-Off, a golden bear with movable joints and a decorative clothespin (e)Unknown red dyed fiber around 2.5 oz (f)This is an overview of swap package, (g)A wrist distaff made from lovely yarn, two stitch markers and a postcard with a lovely note of explanation on the back from my swap partner

For my part, I sent a spindle, an as yet unnamed tool, fiber and “extra”. I will show this treat that I made for her-6 stitch markers plus 1 beginning of the row marker and a decorated holder for her spindle.



Spindle Swap

I joined a spindle swap group on a knit/crochet/yarn site and this was my first swap. Our partners were assigned by a moderator and we swapped to someone different than who swapped to us. I swapped a Spindlewood spindle custom mini square whorl in holly made for my partner, natural Jacob fiber from The Counting Sheep Farm in White Cloud, a scarf pattern, a journal I made and lots of food goodies. Connie emailed back and forth with me to get the spindle just right. Steve did a beautiful job on the spindle. The next time I order one for a swap, I’ll have to mail it directly to its new owner or it may not make it to its new home.

In return, I received this lovely package plus a bumblebee tape measure I forgot to take a picture of at the time.

Golding Purpleheart Goldring Spindle, Colored Cormo from The Counting Sheep Farm, and a journal that was decorated very nicely. Not pictured is Penelope the Empathetic Monster that I received as a gift as well.