In which I sit down at a spinning wheel

Today we went for a drive to White Cloud to visit a store we found a few weeks ago when we were driving around looking at the fall colors. The Old Farm Girl is a knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning and fiber store. According to the website, the owner of the shop had several wheels to look at and could order all the models I was considering purchasing. We were the only customers in the store for a good while, so I was able to sit at a wheel and start learning to spin. Evelyn started some farm wool on the wheel and then sat with me to show me how to long draw. I sat for about 20 minutes at a Louet S51 DT. It was more fun than I expected it to be and not nearly as difficult. It took me several tries to understand how my hands were supposed to work. Once I did, I was spinning a mostly fine single. I would just like to say, “FUN!!”

While she did not have all the wheels I was interested in trying, Evelyn had a Kromski Minstrel at home and let me know it was not very portable. Even though the Schact Ladybug and Matchless were on my list, deep down I fet the Ladybug didn’t seem like enough and the Matchless was too much. Evelyn seemed to understand my thoughts on the matter, so that left me with the Ashford Traveller. I’m going back tomorrow to pay for it, purchase some wool, and two weeks of patience.