On the iPod 2010

I love to look at yesterday and compare it to today. Before you tell me to live for today, I don’t sit here wishing for what was or regretting what happened so long ago. I just like to review and see how or what has changed. In that spirit, it’s time for me to look at what’s on my iPod in the podcast section. I’ve had my iPod Classic for over a year now and still love it. I’ve dropped it enough times to break the case I bought for it and yet it still works. In the past I’ve provided this list with and without links to the blog/shownotes and iTunes. While it is a tremendous amount of work, I’ve decided that I prefer the list with links. Some podcasts have ended and I’ve dropped others. My tastes change and I’ve retried older ones as well as every new one that comes along. My list is almost too long to be manageable. I have favorites, ones I listen to on the computer I can’t even wait to sync. Others have built up a few episodes. I’m happy to report that a few have become family shows, so I don’t listen to them as soon as I see them. Instead they are saved up and we listen together in the car or on the weekend.


Book via Podcast

Crafting World

On the fence:
(some new on my iPod and I don’t know enough to recommend or delete, some old)


Broadening my podcast horizons

Since I discovered podcasts several years ago, I have stuck with a couple of genres. Lately I have felt pulled to stretch out and find new things to listen to which are not knitting or religion related. I’m sorry to admit that currently there far too many knitting podcasts and aren’t any religion podcasts in my feed. While branching out I tried a several from the “stuff you should know” site but found credibility to be lacking on many. After listening to a string of episodes and yelling at the iPod that that information simply isn’t correct only to hear in the next episode the hosts admit mistakes in fact checking, I gave up on all of them. A few others I have tried and still enjoy are book reviews, real life stories, and most recently fictional stories.

While listening to a knitting podcast I discovered Podiobooks available through iTunes or the podiobook website. I have listened to Shadowmagic, a fun story about an 18 year old boy who wakes up in a dungeon in Tir na nÓg. While not particularly complicated, the author left me begging for the next chapter with his carefully crafted cliffhanger episodes. I’m a sucker for a good fantasy involving Irish mythology. Luckily for me, this audiobook was completed in 2006 so I was able to download the entire book and listen over the weekend. I also found his second book in the series and subscribed via iTunes. I am currently caught up and am afraid that at one episode per week I will be well into the new year before I hear the final installment although I have a strong feeling I know where the major plot lines are headed. The author promises the possibility of a third book. The first book is also available from Harper Collins in paperback. Please see the author’s website for more information.

I’ve been listening to these books while knitting a Deep Waters and Starlit Skies Shrug by Holly Priestley. The original was knit in blue, hence the name. Mine is a green with pink and green flecks. As I wear this during the winter, I’m sure I will contemplate the story line and a movie or two I’ve watched while working on it.

The least listened to podcast in my feed reader are fitness related. I tell myself that soon I will start working on that again. I used to post updates on Fridays about that. It was motivation for me to keep going. I wonder if I can guilt/pressure myself into action again.


A new iPod

Late this summer my Nano developed a problem. I was no longer able to use the center click wheel. The iPod still played music/podcasts, I was just unable to select what I wanted to play in what order. It started at the beginning of the list, then I had to fast forward to the episode I desired. I attempted to fix this by only putting on a couple of episodes at a time, which was less than ideal, but worked as long as I had enough listening material. I toyed with purchasing a replacement wheel and inside electronics but was concerned about wasting money if I didn’t fix it. I was also a bit envious of the amount of space on newer iPods. When the Nano was in tip-top shape, I regularly filled it and had to leave off music lists or newer podcast episodes. On Friday, I will finishing paying for my “new” iPod Classic. I purchased it before Apple released its new line in September, but overall I’m happy with my purchase. I have a smaller Classic, 120GB, as opposed to the newer 160GB one that was released in September. I looked at other brands, other sizes, other others and decided that between the ease of use of iTunes and a similar price point for other mp3 players with comparable size, the Classic was what I wanted.

And it’s that time of year again, what’s on the iPod in the podcast realm. Many old favorites are still in the mix, some no loner on the list have discontinued new episodes, some have become a bit erratic, some just don’t suit me any longer and some I try again after a hiatus.

I’ve still decided not to review any of the new podcasts nor explain why others are no longer on the list. My skin isn’t thick enough when the podcasters leave me feedback. I feel guilty when I share my opinion which hurts complete strangers. Yes, they put themselves out there. Yes, I am trying to be unbiased, I have no stake in the success or failure of a podcast so I’m not playing favorites. Moving on . . .

Standard disclaimer-not all podcasts in my list are suitable for family listening, please check reviews left on iTunes and the shownotes for the podcasts to determine if you would enjoy or be offended by a podcast.

Still hanging on:

New-ish, but staying for a bit longer:

On probation:

If I add too many more to my lists, I’m going to have to take a screenshot and color code them as old, new, and on probation. If you have a podcast or know of one related to literature, crafting (knitting, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking, stamping, etc), gardening, real-life stories, etc that is not commercially produced (we all know that Lion Brand Yarn has good things to say about itself, but I’m still not going to listen) leave a comment.


What’s on the iPod

Every now and again I add or remove podcasts from my listening routine. It’s that time again, I’ve deleted many and am in the process of adding more into the mix. I thought that reviews of the ones I do/don’t listened to would be helpful, but I seem to have hurt a feeling or two. I’m going to rethink the “why I don’t listen anymore” statements. Feel free to search iTunes or the web for subscription info and show notes if one catches your eye. Currently, I don’t subscribe to video podcasts as my Nano doesn’t play well with video and I listen mostly while I am away from the computer “doing.” For the most part, I don’t listen to commercial podcasts, no yarn brands, craft stores, etc. Some of my currently listening podcasts are on summer hiatus, so please do not judge the first list by the last publish date, they are still recording as of the start of the summer of 2009.

Here’s the list of what’s been around for at least few months:

  • CraftLit – absolute favorite, classic literature read to listeners with Heather’s literary criticism and craft talk.
  • CraftyPod – only been listening a short while, not ready for comment
  • Doubleknit
  • It’s a Purl, Man >> Podcasts – long-time listener
  • Knit Misadventures
  • knit obsession with zknits
  • Knitmoregirl’s Podcast
  • limenvoilet – Both Lime and Violet have been recording lately, be careful, lots of language and inappropriate content for most, maybe even me.
  • The Moth podcast – True stories told live without notes
  • Never Not Knitting
  • Stash and Burn – long-time listener
  • Sticks & String podcast – long-time listener
  • Stitch Stud and His Bride – long-time listener

Trying out these, but not subscribed to yet:

  • Alex Anderson Quilt Connection
  • The Anatomy of a Knitting Podcast
  • Jackie’s Quilting Chronicles
  • Knitting in the Round
  • Patchwork and Pacifiers
  • Quilted Cupcake Podcast



When a podcaster stops realeasing new episodes without much warning, it is said the podcast has experienced podfade. I’m caught up on most of my podcasts, other than CraftLit because it takes a while to listen to an entire episode. Since I have very little else to listen to other than CraftLit, I went looking for new-to-me podcasts on knitting and in the process I’ve decided to clean out those that appear to have podfaded.

Here’s my list:

There are a few more that haven’t released a new episode since Nov., but I’m going to wait a few more months before removing them.


Knitting Podcasts Revisited

In April, I sat down and listed all of the knitting related podcasts in recent subscription. Many of those are still in my list, a few have gone by the way, several are on summer hiatus. Due to a nearly empty iPod, I have subscribed to a few more with the hopes of education and entertainment. To make the cut the podcast had to be currently recording and related to knitting. I present another list and will add critique as applicable with a standard disclaimer and a twist. You may find objectionable content at the following links, I cannot attest as I have not previewed. Just sharing the wealth of knowledge currently at my fingertips.


Knitting Podcasts with Show Notes

I use iTunes exclusively to subscribe to the podcast itself and Firefox with a plug-in to grab the show notes feed. I should give a small warning for content at this point. Some of the podcasts are benign while others can be offensive. Please be sure to read about the podcast, check for explicit tags, etc. The name of the show is linked to the website of the podcast and “Podcast” links to the podcast feed, in case you don’t use iTunes. The “Show Notes” link is as it describes, notes from each podcast show containing links to other websites, links to books and other things the hosts discuss. The “(feed)” is a link for the rss feed to the show notes. If you have iTunes installed, you may click on the phrase “iTunes Feed” to add it to your podcast list there.

Podcasts I don’t subscribe to anymore

  • Brenda Danye – I know my language is not always as pure as it should be, but I do draw the line. She crossed it in her Nov. 2007 episode. I will tolerate it at times, but she uttered it at the end of an episode, after the mic was probably supposed to be off. I felt like she was upset and out it came without another thought. Either no one goes back and edits or she just didn’t care, either way.
  • She Knits – I enjoyed listening about the bags she created and the new teaching adventure she was experiencing. I deleted this podcast when she spent too much of an episode complaining about and belittling one of her children. I pray that the child never hears what mom thinks and says behind the back rather than dealing with it face to face. I had to struggle through the Christmas episodes of YarnThing because they put those few podcasts out together.
  • I think there are one or two others I’m missing. I’ll share as I remember them.
  • to podcast or not to podcast

    I hold no illusions about my speaking ability nor the desires of others to listen to me any more than they have to already. My guess would be most people part company with me and are happy their ears are able to take a break. On truly hyper days, I use up more than a day’s allotment of words in a few hours.

    My thoughts on podcasting:

    • Some of the knitters I listen to are flighty, they seem perfectly lovely, just very odd.
    • I don’t agree with all of the politics espoused
    • I appreciate fowl language less and less with time
    • There appeared to be a podcast of music to listen to while knitting and is now on permanent hiatus.

    I don’t know if that podcast is missed or not, but how fun would it be to create mixes of podsafe music for knitters, with a genre as the title for each episode. I have some extra website space and bandwidth, but it would have to be a trial period thing, I would imagine that most podcasters contract the dreaded podfade due to over commitment of time and not enough resources. I am absolutely loving the music I heard on several podcasts, some of it from magnatune.com, basically a self-publish record label for artists who would like to retain more control over their music and rights. One is able to listen to the music online free of charge and name the price for download, $5 min. I also found a site with mostly instrumental music linked off of a knitting page.

    Of this I shall contemplate for a while, suggestions welcomed, collaboration accepted. I’m not silly enough to think I won’t talk a little, but there is little point in rehashing what others are already doing. I refuse to digress into my personal life thinking that others need every medical detail and every personal interaction with everyone I know. It is, however, important for all of you to know that I crave personal interaction and like others to know what’s up and what’s new with them. To that end, I’ve been busy on facebook finding my friends. I don’t know why, but it seems easier than email, is that not truly pathetic, something easier than email.