Confessions of a book-aholic

I love books. I have loved books since I was young. I can’t remember not loving books, I can’t even remember my first book that’s how many books I love. I have sung the praises of visiting the library as a child to check out my limit of books every Saturday. If you live in Michigan, check out melcat to see if your local library participates. If your library doesn’t participate, ask the librarian why not. If you don’t live in Michigan, see what your state has that would be similar. I love sitting at home and searching the database for books to request from far off libraries or ones just down the road, interlibrary loan is wonderful. I have requested books for knitting, book club, biographies, home birth, many whims and fancies and of late-spinning.

I love that at the time I searched I found 19 different books on the topic of spinning that I wanted to check out and could order then without leaving the couch. Last week, 4 books came in for me, my library had 3 on spinning, and today another 10 arrived. While I will not be able to read all of them word for word by the time they are due, I will be able to evaluate the copies to see if it would be an excellent addition to my spinning resources. The final cut will most likely be renewed just to be sure. Some of the books are out of print, so I will have to settle for used books and in some cases retired out of a library.

I made my list using various online sites that recommended books here and there. I also searched melcat for handspinning once I found that tag in common. I am doing a single elimination process. If I look at book and don’t see how I will use it or it has information that another book already has, off the list it goes. If it has new information or combines information from two or more other books, on the list it goes.

So far it’s a tentative list but here are four possibilities:

  • Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning
  • The Spinner’s Encyclopedia by Enid Anderson
  • The craft of hand spinning by Eileen Chadwick
  • The Complete Spinning Book by Candace Crockett

The first one I’m fairly certain of wanting, the second is a reference book rather than a cover-to-cover read. The last two are rather redundant, so I don’t need or want both, but I don’t know which is better at this point. I’m hoping that after borrowing the rest, it will be clear.


And the winner is . . .

I’ve been so busy trying to chronicle Africa and the Honeymoon that I haven’t done much about the daily things.

Jason and I both have library cards after a visit to RC and BR libraries. We’ve checked out our first few books. Our attempt it to visit at least twice a month, on Sat. if we can.

So, the furries and I had some excitement this afternoon, I’m not sure there was a clear-cut winner. LG and Daisy started it, I didn’t see it start, but Duke (P Kitty) joined in and wouldn’t stop, so Z needed to defend LG and went after Daisy. Z is funny, he won’t start something, but if he thinks someone needs to be defended, he joins in. So in the last battle, he launched himself and tried to land on Daisy’s head. I sent Daisy’s outside, LG ran downstairs down stairs, Z prowled around looking for something to fight and Duke (P Kitty) was sent to her room. Now Z is prowling around trying to hiss at Daisy, Duke won’t calm down and LG is still hiding somewhere.