Inkle weaving pt 7

Last night I was zipping along after correcting several errors and it finally clicked. I had been having some weird errors that I couldn’t always figure out and I finally looked closely to find the problem. It is important to note that black is not the best color to use if it is the first time one is trying a new technique. I know this but it doesn’t stop me. The first dishcloth I knit was black, this band is black and yellow. I love the contrast those colors provide but the black does work at hiding the problems and their solutions. One of the most common mistakes I was making was to twist the black threads while picking up a yellow from the bottom layer. I am enjoying the thread but the band is thicker than I had planned. I am not sure how well these will work as suspenders on a little guy.

I had to modify the draft I found as I didn’t plan properly for the warp band colors. There were supposed to be nine pattern threads but I only used 7 because I put a yellow border to close. Final size of each band is 1.25 inches wide and 26 inches long.

All that is left is to find suspender hardware. I’m hoping to find some in Traverse City next week. If not, I have a few online sources to try.

Inkle weaving pt. 6

I’m almost finished. I’m on the last little bit and the warp problems have compounded. I knew they were a bit twisted at the back but naively thought they would stay at the end. They have been slowly creeping forward to my weaving area so I decided to pull the warp off carefully and begin untwisting things. I really should have left well alone. Every time I add a few rows of weft I have to take it out and untwist another set of threads that I crossed while trying to fix it. Next time, I’m following the recommend plan of attack-cut and tie new colors in. I saw one video where the weaver just dropped one color, picked up another, drop that color, picked up the first, etc, no cutting, just wrapping. I love to reduce or eliminate waste where I can, this method seemed perfect for me, however, at this point I’d rather be done and waste the 20 inches or so. I’m not taking pictures of the mess, which also caused my tension issues. Had I tied things properly, the tension would have been more even than it is.


I’m off to work on the strap, I hope to have pictures tomorrow and then warp my new cricket for some dishcloths.

an edit: After arguing with the warp again, I finally decided to go further back and took out two rows that I had previously left alone. I then took a good look and found 3 more errors with how I lined up the warp around the pegs. It is now fixed and am sailing again.

Inkle weaving progress

I finally have pictures of the progress. Until today I didn’t feel like I had enough weaving to show.

The current finished band is about 27 inches long and I think I have enough yarn left to make a second one if I’m careful. I’m hoping to find suspender hardware in a child’s size and turn these into a pair of suspenders for Boo.

Inkle weaving pt 4

With moments stolen thought the day, I was able to weave more than 15 inches. I have discovered that as the band lengthens, I have a tendency to pull the weft in tighter. I have a few places where the pattern is not as clearly defined as I would like but after ripping back several times, I have come to the conclusion that it is most likely a result of too much tension on a few warp threads. Unfortunately, I can’t rewarp it at this point and the band is too small for me to hang washers or stuff paper in to fix it. I had hoped to be finished with the band today but ran out of time. Stay tuned tomorrow, I hope to have a few pictures if there’s bright sunlight tomorrow.

Inkle weaving pt 3

I have made a bit more progress today. I was able to complete Boo’s first name with a diamond at the start and end. Now I’m doing his name again facing the other direction. I don’t quite understand why the letters aren’t the same other than I’m doing something incorrectly. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out soon or nothing will match.

Inkle weaving pt 2

I had hoped to be finished with my first inkle project, instead I’ve been redesigning and hunting patterns. I didn’t fully understand how the weaving worked when I set my colors in my first project. I had intended to have 9 pattern threads because that’s what the chart called for. I put a border on each side of the 9 pattern threads that match the pattern threads so my pattern ran into the border and didn’t look right. After ripping out a few inches of pattern, I am back at square one trying to figure out how best to do fix it. Which really means designing the pattern to work on seven threads instead of nine. Stay tuned . . .

Inkle weaving

I present my inkle loom and first WIP. I’m planning on weaving Boo’s first name and a random design at the star and end. If I have enough, I may do a second one.

sideview of inkle loom

string heddles and weaving area on inkle

backside of loom

back of loom