101 in 1001 2010 Update

My 101 things to do in 1001 days is rounding the home stretch. May 2, 2011 is day 1001 and I need to report that I have not finished my list nor will I. I’m still undecided about whether I will start a new 101 in 1001 list in May 2011. I’m thinking about taking off a month or two in order to compose a new, more realistic list. I’d like to try again knowing what I know now. I know I can better guess at what I’m likely to accomplish. Some of the goals were unrealistic, some I was too lazy to complete but mostly I had the most wonderful little boy in world and I allowed myself to be sidetracked from a list to pour myself into him. I think I made the wiser choice. I purposefully added some easy ones so that I could check them off quickly knowing that the rest would take effort. Here are my thoughts on most, but not all, of the categories as well as what I’ve accomplished thus far.

I wish I had put knit a sweater on the list, I’m doing that, I wasn’t sure if I would want to do that. I finally taught myself to crochet, I didn’t put that on the list, but I did challenge myself to crochet something knowing that in order to do that I had to teach myself.

  • Stamp cards to use for special occasions: have 20 in reserve I joined a card swap so have blown this one out of the water. Five times a year I make 10 cards and swap them.
  • Knit 300 dishcloths/washcloths, patterns of varying choice (9 per month) (9/2010 completed 4/300 crocheted 10-12 scrubbies) I won’t finish this, but I’ve made progress
  • Complete one crochet project (summer 2010)

I don’t seem to have time to complete these as they involve others. I am helping with literacy, just not adults and not as a volunteer.

My TV viewing habits declined sharply in fall of 2010 because NBC stopped broadcasting in our area again. We made the decision to just shut it off except for DVDs and Netflix movies. I do watch L&O occasionally, but more often than not I find myself only watching 5 or 10 minutes then shutting it off. We’ve watched an hour and a half of PBS Masterpiece Theatre for three weeks. We watched Jeopardy for the first time in months, I decided to see if NBC came back, it did. We’ve committed to only watching weeknights from 7-8 for Wheel and Jeopardy and perhaps a PBS show here and there.

  • Decrease regular television viewing by 25% (fall 2010)
  • Ration television to 10 hours per week for at least two consecutive weeks (fall 2010)
  • Hall closet-find & implement workable organization: accomplished when one towel can be removed and the rest don’t fall out and when the bottom area is only extras /li>


  • Join a knitting group-I did, actually I joined a knitting group and a spinning group, though I’d like to find one closer that suits me a bit better

WordPress 3 changed my blogging desires, now with the versatility of child themes I have less desire to make a theme myself, though I am working on graphics to substitute in to an exiting theme that is designed to be tweaked like this.

Living Local & Green/Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The yearly garden and seed collection failed. This summer I was so sleep deprived that I couldn’t keep myself together, let alone worry about a garden. I let my husband play in the garden. We had a small garden and I think he kept some of the seeds, but I can’t count it as I didn’t do much. As our freezer contains lots of meet and veggies from the garden, it’s not practical to put a month of meals in it. Boo and I are going to start cooking more with the purpose of storing extras, but I’ll have a difficult time finding space for too much.

Who’s got time to read WoT? The 12th book part one came out and I haven’t even finished 10 or started 11. Some day I’ll read them and make my own little encyclopedia of characters, places, events, holidays, and all. Since I’m starting a podcast, the Librivox recordings are on hold because I’m dedicating my time to planning. The classics are coming along, but I’m probably not going to reach that goal either.

101 things in 1001 days

A long while ago, I found a site that challenged readers to make a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days, if you search for posts here with the 101 in 1001 tags or use your favorite search engine, you’ll find it. I jumped on board and am almost half way through my 1001 days. I have made some progress, which is exciting and had to remove some things from the list that are no longer relevant or impossible to complete at this point. While I am fairly certain that I will be fortunate to complete 60 or more of the 101 things, I have learned how to make a more feasible list in May of 2011 if I choose to try this again.

12. Purchase or make a drop spindle (9/2008 made 2), spin at least 6 oz. of pre-dyed fiber & knit into socks
18. Finish R2D2 hat, write instructions (11/2008)
21. Frog Homespun blanket and reuse yarn to make hoodie (2009)
22. Stamp cards to use for special occasions: have 20 in reserve – 10/20 (11/2009)
26. Calculate yards or number of projects in stash, get to work (this is in constant progress which would be finished if I would stop adding to the list and stash)

1. Play guitar on worship team (requires learning to play guitar) no longer on the worship team, need new task

2. Lose enough weight to fall into healthy BMI and keep it off (I do have an exact number for a goal weight) (in process)
4. Kayak at least 15 times each year as often as possible

1. Read/listen to 15 Classics (1 every other month) – in progress
2. Re-read Wheel of Time, creating personal encyclopedia to track characters/plots – 5.5 of 11 reread
3. Read 10 biographies from individuals who dedicated their lives to societal change (1 every 3 months) – in progress
4. Join a book club: IRL or virtual (2/2009)
5. Write a review for each book read as a result of this 101 in 1001 list – in progress

13. Basement organize boxes into smallest floor area possible, maximize work area: accomplished when there is room to host video game night with friends or craft session (summer/fall 2009)
15. Sort teaching boxes, condense by at least one box (summer/fall 2009)

1. Rediscover natural hair color, no dyes until 100% natural again (fall 2009)
2. Go to the beach at least once a year: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
3. Commit 9 random acts of kindness without receiving/accepting/admitting credit (in process 2 out of 9)


Healthy 101 in 1001

I have officially started on the health section of my 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. I really wanted to start this one immediately but, well, I’m really good at one thing – procrastinating. Every year in August I reminisce about high school. No, I didn’t really enjoy high school that much, but I remember that to relieve stress I ran. I ran for fun, I ran on my own time, I ran during open physical education class in both high school and college (open meaning no lesson plan, go find something healthy to do), I ran to think. In summary, I ran and I want to run again.

My second year of teaching, one of my fellow 5th grade teachers was training to run a marathon. She found herself pregnant during a key time of training so it went on hold, but I remember being incredibly impressed with her dedication. At that point, I was in enough shape to think that was within reach. However, I didn’t do anything more about it, the job I had took up at least 12 hours a day 5 days a week and another 6 hours on the sixth day. I have a bit more time on my hands these days.

I have been stalking stores looking for a good deal on a treadmill, because every August the urge to run again is overwhelming. I’m trying not to be a consumer, so I also hunted ebay and Craig’s List. I like to exercise in the afternoon, but August is a bit to warm to do that and right around the corner is too cold weather in November and December. So I talk myself out of running again, or worse, I start it and quit when it’s too cold to be outside in MI. I’m a weather wimp. The other day I found a great deal on Craig’s List. I hesitate to blog this because I don’t want to blog my failure to live up to my expectations. In the hopes of peer pressure created solely by myself, maybe blogging it wil force me to do it. I have started my training regiment in the hopes of completing some of my health goals.

  1. Run a 5k
  2. Lose enough weight to fall into healthy BMI and keep it off (I do have an exact number for a goal weight)
  3. Exercise at least 45 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 90 consecutive days


101 in 1001 progress

My goal is week is to start checking off my 101 things in 1001 days. While the list itself is not posted here, there is a 101 in 1001 category attached to any post discussing my adventures. In November, I plan to tackle reviewing websites, reading/reviewing biographies, reading/reviewing classics and any art/craft ones I can reasonably complete. I say reasonably complete because I am heavily into Christmas knitting, which I am unable to blog about much because my Christmas Elf recipient has been known to read here. I may post anyway, but mark and private/password. This will allow me to let non-husband-family to track progress. Please leave a comment if you find a password/private post you would like to read. Use a valid email address in the email box and I’ll gladly send it over to you.

101 in 1001 progress:

  • #25 on my art/craft list: calculate number of yards in stash ~ this was complete until I purchased yarn for Christmas projects, but that is Christmas/Charity stash. I don’t want that mixed in with my everyday stash.
  • #23 on my art/craft list: sort project queue, prioritize into realistic time frame ~ I haven’t attached a time frame, but I’ve cleaned up the queue and tagged it to make it easier to find projects.
  • #18 finish and document instructions for R2D2 beanie hat modifications ~ completed!
  • #21 I frogged the blanket I wasn’t going to finish, but I haven’t made the hoodie yet.


101 in 1001

While surfing six or months ago, I came across this site. At the title of this post suggests, individuals/groups are challenged to complete a list of 101 tasks in 1001 days. I make lists, I love lists, I live lists. I think I would not get anything done with out the list, I have even made lists of my lists, neurotic maybe, effective usually. The underlying idea suggests that given a short period of time, a list of tasks appears overwhelming, but given approximately 2.74 years much may be accomplished. The 101 tasks may better be referred to as goals, which should be measurable in some manner, realistic, and represent some amount of effort on my part. The following goal: learn Icelandic is a bit vague. How will one know if one has learned the Icelandic language? However, learn to read an children’s storybook in the Icelandic language is measurable, especially if one picks the book ahead of time and lists the title as a goal. Many of the lists I browsed had large, lofty, expensive goals. I make no judgments of others, only a defense of my simple list, relatively inexpensive, extremely practical. I have many things I would like to get done around the house and I would like interesting topics to blog about so I thought, combine them.

I expect my list to evolve over time as I have never attempted to plan much further than the end of my nose. In my formative years, I would attempt to set goals for my future, but more than one ideal crashed against the rocks of reality. In more recent years, I use a calendar to schedule important activities and leave the rest to happenstance. I am not sure how I will document it all. I will make occasional updates here, however, I think I will keep my list private for now. My list should will be completed by 2 May 2008.