Seasons of Light

I have been coveting a Phat Fiber box since I saw the box a friend of mine received almost a year ago. Phat Fiber boxes are made up from samples that vendors send into Phat centeral and then get redistributed into one of three types of boxes. There are yarn boxes, fiber boxes and mixed boxes. I went after a fiber box this month and was lucky enough to snag one. It arrived today. I cannot upload pictures to WP as my host is “having issues” today, but I did manage to have enough patience to find my flickr info and put it there. I’ll post again tomorrow or Sat. with more pictures of the box when I have control again.

Clicking on each picture will take you to a larger image so you can see the details and vendors.


MI Fiber Festival

Every year over the third weekend in August, there is a fiber festival in Allegan, MI. I’ve wanted to go the last year or two, but it competed with Buckley Old Engine Show. I suggested the compromise of Buckley on Thursday/Friday and the Fiber Festival on Sat. but this year we decided to go to the Fiber Festival on Sun. It was less busy than it would have been on Say. and we had Boo with us so it made for a relaxing day instead of frustrating. I had a lot of fun petting all the fiber and drooling over all the tools. I found it interesting that some of the booths were yarn shops that packed up and came for the weekend while others are small independent dyers/spinners. We saw sheep, alpaca and a few other animals.

I tended to spend more time looking at fiber than anything, I had a list and a budget. I’m happy to say I didn’t over spend and found 60-70% of my list. Some of the things I purchased were for a swap I participated in and I forgot to take pictures before I mailed it off. I bought two things of sock yarn and a bit of fiber that I kept.
Next year I may have to save up a bit more so that I can have a bigger list of wants.


Spindle Swap

I joined a spindle swap group on a knit/crochet/yarn site and this was my first swap. Our partners were assigned by a moderator and we swapped to someone different than who swapped to us. I swapped a Spindlewood spindle custom mini square whorl in holly made for my partner, natural Jacob fiber from The Counting Sheep Farm in White Cloud, a scarf pattern, a journal I made and lots of food goodies. Connie emailed back and forth with me to get the spindle just right. Steve did a beautiful job on the spindle. The next time I order one for a swap, I’ll have to mail it directly to its new owner or it may not make it to its new home.

In return, I received this lovely package plus a bumblebee tape measure I forgot to take a picture of at the time.

Golding Purpleheart Goldring Spindle, Colored Cormo from The Counting Sheep Farm, and a journal that was decorated very nicely. Not pictured is Penelope the Empathetic Monster that I received as a gift as well.


Fiber Festivals

Threaden (a.) Made of thread; as, threaden sails; a threaden fillet.
Yarn (n.) Spun wool; woolen thread; also, thread of other material, as of cotton, flax, hemp, or silk; material spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, or the like.

I’ve added a few rows to the shawl, no new picture of course. I’ve been busy learning about spinning and wheels. I discovered anablopomo2009 podcast done by a lady who lives near Battle Creek, MI. I’ve only listened to the first episode, but am rather excited by all the interesting links she had to share, including one for an lys in Greenville. She also talked about several fiber festivals she attended this summer and fall. So I present a partial list of fiber festivals in lower MI.