How people found my blog, part 4

I’m sorry to report that not many people are finding my blog lately. It’s to be expected as I haven’t been updating. The spammers like to spam a Christmas update post from 2009 which I find hysterical. There is nothing to comment on, it’s a status update of my sewing project for my sister-in-law. It has several hundred views a day and 3-5 spam comments which are usually caught my my filters. Looking at my stats tool shows that someone or multiple someones arrived here looking for information about wool. I understand that, I talk about spinning wool into yarn.

The next most popular searches that bring folks here are numbers. I’m scratching my head over that one. Why would you search the intarwebs (giggle) for the number 38, 42 I understand, but not 38 or 1 or 9 or 10 or 2. It’s beyond me. I got 9 visits from the number 2, am I on Sesame Street?

I am still giggling loudly about the poor soul who stopped by looking for pirate frocks. I can only think an non-native English speaker was hunting for pirate costumes or something. I did post on Talk Like a Pirate Day but it kills me that frocks is from “proefrocks” which is nothing like a frock in my experience.

My goal for Dec 2010 and following is to contribute one quality post a week so traffic should pick up a bit and we’ll have us a good laugh next Fall when we analyze the stats again. When I looked over the posts one this topic, I discovered that my stats program dumped things a while ago so I lost some of the funny words in my admin panel. Here’s a graphic for these search strings.

Techie Tuesday 1.0 Plugins

I’ve had this blog since 2007 and one of my favorite topics to write about is this blog. I am fascinated by the versatility of WordPress. I admit that once my little guy arrived, a bit over a year ago, I stopped caring much about how many posts per month I wrote. At the minimum, I’ve written at least one every month because I don’t want to see months missing on my archive page. Back to blogging, once I found the Fantastic Flowery 1.2 theme, I stopped looking and changing behind the scenes of this blog. I’m in the process of setting up a second blog which I was forced to start at WP3.0.1. That in and of itself isn’t a problem, it’s just that I haven’t looked at how themes function, what plugins are available to download through WP instead of a separate download and an ftp/ssh up to my host. While I was dearly attached to each plugin I used, I’ve found that there are better options today. This list is basically a comparison of what I’m using on this site versus what I’m using on the new site. I’ll start installing new ones here and deleting old ones that seem to function better.

Plugins I’m using

  • Akismet-spam catcher
  • Article Templates-default templates for posts/pages like my signature file
  • CyStat-statistics plugin
  • Exec-PHP let’s me easily pop code into posts and not break things
  • Fast Secure Contact Form
  • Feed Pauser-let’s me post live but not the feed
  • Smart 404-tries to redirect user if webpage is not available because of typo or other error
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin-I had to tweak this one a lot, so I’m on the lookout for something else

Plugins I’m trashing

  • Blix Archive-replaced 3 plugins with one new one
  • Compact Archive-replaced 3 plugins with one new one
  • Simple Yearly Archive-replaced 3 plugins with one new one
  • Batch Categories-no longer available?
  • Blog Copyright (by BTE)-I can tweak my copyright statement with the theme I chose
  • Dday-it was less than ideal
  • Favicon Manager
  • Now Reading-I can’t be bothered to keep up with it, I may still use it for craft books

Plugins I’m replacing

  • All in one Favicon-pops in favicon code, replaced Favicon Manager
  • Batch Cat-replaces Batch Categories, it lets me update categories for multiple posts
  • Smart Archives Reloaded-one replaces three without any tweaking. I had to tweak the others so much that I’m not sure how much they still resembled the original
  • The Events Calendar-replaced Dday

Plugins that are new idea for me

  • After the deadline-a spell check grammar check of sorts
  • Bulk Post Creator-one text box, each new post is on a new line, a lot of drafts started in once clikc
  • Stats-I used this before and I’m trying it again
  • Twitter-I have a bunch downloaded but not active, I need to update my twitter feed and see if I like any of these.

I would not have found any of the new plugins until the old ones stopped working or broke my theme. I think I’m going to put it on my calendar at least twice a year-check for new plugins. How do I know what I need if I don’t know I need it? Obviously if my plugin stops working, I need a different one, but what about one new archive plugin to replace three old ones? Would I have known to look for that? Did I know I wanted to create blog posts in bulk? I know now because I’ve already mapped out my topics for this month so that I stand a chance at actually completing NaBloPoMo.

What plugins do you use? What can’t you live without?


How people found my blog, part 3

I like to check my site statistics every now and again to see how people arrived here. Sometimes I can’t understand how his/her search engine directed them here and other times I can. I hope he/she was greatly entertained if the search was a bit errant in sending the traffic here. I present a random assortment of phrases that landed many people here:

  • writing prompts generator software
  • prompt generator
  • random writing prompt generator
  • christmas prompt generator
  • writing prompt generator
  • tigerheart club
  • books by janette walls
  • the glass castle book club
  • curious case of benjamin button
  • the shack book club questions
  • the shack book club guide
  • bookclub reviews of the shack
  • the shack bookclub review
  • schacht matchless spinning wheel
  • best travel spinning wheel
  • suzie spinning wheel
  • louet s51 dt
  • lime and violet cant listen I admit, I don’t completely understand why the poor person was directed here for this one, the l&v part-yes, the can’t listen part-no
  • alan dart finished knitting projects
  • alan dart patterns
  • spinning wheels have to go round
  • tessellating fish pattern
  • tessellated fish pattern
  • yarn traverse pattern software I admit, I have no idea why the poor person was directed here for this one.


I completed National Blog Posting Month 2008 in November. I am satisfied to be able to say I blogged every day for a month with only a few pre-planned posts. For the most part I wrote every post every day. Many posts I started ahead of time so that all I had to do was add the content or details. I can honestly say that I will not likely participate in Blog365, too much work and not enough to say. Having to blog every day did force me to have or plan some adventures to write about, how bad can that be. I’ve finally setup daily writing themes in the event I’d like to use them.


A month of blogging

During September, my blogging frequency declined a bit and October wasn’t much better. In an effort to jump start the posting again or burn myself completely out, I am challenging myself to post every day in November. I will be busily knitting and able to blog about some of the knitting, but not all as Christmas is quickly approaching.