Piggy problems

ACK!! I finished Boo’s piggy last night only to discover this morning that I know why he looks silly. The pig looks silly, not Boo. When I looked through the gallery of pigs some were round like a sphere and some were more elongated. I wondered why they looked so different. Then I crocheted my first one, I think it was round, completely round but it was my first real crochet project that wasn’t a nylon scrubbie thing. This time I made the elongated one by following the pattern exactly and was so frustrated. I diligently sewed all the appendages on very tightly so Boo couldn’t rip them off, ever, until he knows how to use scissors. I put it in his collection of amigurimies and left it. This morning I picked it up and figured out why some of us have elongated pigs and some are spheres while we all crochet it properly. Piggies are longer on the sides and rounder on the front/back. I sewed everything on wrong. His ears are on his back, his tail is in the middle of his belly and he has feet on his butt. Oops.