Saturday’s Survey 03/13

I had a busy week on the crafting home-front. I finished up cloth diapers for Boo. He now has 25 homemade ones and 6 purchased ones. I’m using the purchased ones for overnight as they seem a bit more absorbent. I may make more, I need to get the too-small diapers out of rotation and have two or three days at home to evaluate the quantity. I have plenty of fabric to make conservatively 15-20 more. I can’t see needing anywhere near that many. I’d like to save the fabric to make smaller or larger sizes in the event we need other sizes. The ones I made have hook and loop closures so that it grows with Boo, hopefully to as big as he needs.

I won a contest from The Counting Sheep Farm. I get a surprise box along with some superwash fiber I ordered. I’ve been participating in a stash down contest. Please don’t ask why I am buying more fiber while I am stashing down, I just am. I wanted some sock yarn and I don’t want to spin wool that I have to hand wash, so I saw she had some superwash on sale. The only contest is to challenge ourselves to knit/spin from the stash. We earn points that we can redeem in the store for a percentage of one item or several depending on the number of points we redeem. I added points this week by wrestling with my works in progress. Along the way Rachel, of Counting Sheep, offers mini-contests where we can earn coolie prizes. Stay tuned for pictures of what’s in my goodie box. To participate in the stash down for points and win any contests you must be a member of Ravelry and join the group for Counting Sheep Farm.

I finished a dishcloth that had been on the needles because I ran out of yarn. I finally found the yarn and reunited it with the dishcloth. I’ve made a bunch of these garterlac dishcloths. Feel free to search the archives for more. It’s a neat looking dishcloth that let’s one practice enterlac easily without fear of messing up “good” yarn.

I also finished my first handspun project, a hedgehog. I spin the brown belly and creamy paws. There is actually one strand of homespun brown knit with one strand of fun fur, but it’s difficult to see in the pictures. There are no eyes or nose because Boo is too small to have those pieces on his toys. He seems to like to grab at the fun fur, much the same as he grabs at the furbabies in the house. At least with the hedgehog he’s not hurting anyone.


Proofreading feedback

You may recall that I signed up to proofread scanned pages from Project Gutenburg last week. I believe I have received most if not all of the feedback for the pages I read last week. I am encouraged that it was presented in a friendly manner, lots of helpful advice and invitations to continue to participate. I’m not sure quite sure why I received from of the corrections, but there are methods for comparing my changes to the changes the second level proofreaders made. It’s difficult for me to take criticism, but I am learning so I will not quit. I will visit the site later today or possible Monday to better understand the proper methods of correcting scans.

LibriVox & Gutenburg

Seven Minute Saturday
To prevent rambling on and on and on, Seven Minute Saturday limits me to typing/writing for seven minutes before correcting mistakes(editing), adding links, or images. I’ll allow myself a few extra minutes when the post needs those.

I seem to be blogging my 101 things in 1001 days for NaBloPoMo. One of my goals is to read two selections for LibriVox, but I’m not ready to do that. I just finished a proof-listening project there, fun, but difficult. There are guidelines for listening, I can’t correct pronunciation, which makes me a bit crazy. If the mispronounced word is pronounced as another word, I marked it for correction anyway. Noises are supposed to be removed if they are distracting, but my partner didn’t hear half of the background noises I could. So, I’m taking a break from LibriVox volunteering until I’m ready to record my voice for a project. Until then, I’ve decided to word at Project Gutenburg proofing text. As a proofreader, I am presented with a scanned image and the OCR text from the scan. The list of things to look for while reading is rather lengthy, but easy pages are offered to newcomers only. There are also pages per project limits so one person can’t proof the entire book. I “read” 14 pages, but want to wait for some feedback from other proofreaders before reading more. After 21 days and 300 pages I can move up to a different level of proofing. When reading the information on the site, there seems to be a lack of proofreaders for some of the upper level proofing. If my math is correct, that’s 14 pages a day until I can help with second and third level proofreading, which I have met for today. I think I’ll read again on Monday or Tuesday.