Spinning wheel got to go ’round

“What goes up, must come down, spinning wheel got to ’round . . ”
lyrics by David Clayton-Thomas, performed by BS&T

No, no, I’m not joining a 60s band. No, I’m not trippin’ on anything. I’m in the market for a spinning wheel. I have been toying with the idea for quite some time, but I’m ready to get down to business and seriously compare my options. For a while I thought I wanted an alpaca farm so I could have alpaca for “free” (giggle, giggle, snort, snort). After spending a lot of time researching, alpacas are not for me. I don’t think we’d be able to responsibly care for the cute, fiber-bearing critters. For our lifestyle if we were going to have livestock, sheep would better suit us. Before we invest in sheep, long before, I’d like to learn to spin fibre (that’s the cool spinner’s lingo for the stuff off the animal). In order to spin fibre into yarn, I need a wheel or a spindle. Since I’d like to spin and ply in volume, I’m looking at wheels. Making yarn can be fun 🙂 Then, once I’ve got the knack of spinning, I need to step back and learn to process the wool from the sheep (carding, washing, etc), to shear the sheep and how to raise sheep (mostly in that order). Wow, that’s quite a list.

I think I’d like a “travel” wheel. I like the idea of compact, easy to carry and store. At this point in time, our house is cozy and the wheel won’t receive daily use so storage and portability is key. Since I may want to spin upstairs, outside, at a friend’s house, and I can only imagine where-I’d like it to be portable. I’m obviously going for best quality for the money, but I don’t have an unlimited budget.

If you have a wheel you love, please share. If you have a wheel you didn’t love, please share. Do you process your own animal fibre? Please share. For now, I’m off to research. I’ll share updates as I have them.


Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to David. It’s my brother’s birthday. I am fairly certain he doesn’t read here, but in the event he finds it, he should know I think of him often. I don’t call him on his birthday, he doesn’t give me the chance. It’s a goofy tradition we have, he calls me to ask me if I know what day it is. I am his older sister, it’s difficult I have a brother. I usually make up something about deer season or a snow day. It seems to keep us entertained for several minutes.


Captivating: A Partial Review

WARNING: My opinion is expressed in this post quite strongly. If you are hoping for a glowing review, navigate away quickly.

A friend and I have been reading Captivating by Eldredge’s and working through the guided journal of the same title. I have seen mixed reviews, those in support strongly support and the critical reviews are divisively so. I will admit to clouding my judgment by reading reviews on both sides and deciding that I may not agree with many of the ideas presented, but I am trying to be humble enough to allow God to show me truths despite my preconceived notions. How’s that for a disclaimer?

Chapters one and two have made my brain hurt. I must report that if I hadn’t spent good money on these books, the first two chapters would have caused me to burn the books. I’m not a fan of censorship, usually. The small fire from the books could have kept me entertained for a while, especially if I tore out pages on and a time. I am thankful that I waited, not because the book has magically turned wonderful, but rather because chapter three has visibly more truth than the first two.

I should point out what little information I could learn of John Eldredge was discouraging. I wondered if he had special training to allow him to interpret the Bible, maybe he is a theologian, a scholar, something, anything, a Phd. in something worthwhile, alas. It turns out he attend a Christian college of sorts and majored in counseling. Where on the website of said college, one reads that it is the Christian’s responsibility to spread the truth of the free market system. No wonder the world despises Christians.

So, his vast amount of experience on how God designed women to be is as a result of counseling women, women who feel they are somehow broken. Women who pay a man to tell them how they are broken and how to be less broken. I’m sure he knows a thing or two about identifying behaviors that are emotionally/physically unhealthy, but really, how ignorant do I look? Why are women, intelligent women, falling for this nonsense from him and his wife? Are we that fallen that we need a stranger to stroke our ego and tell us that our desires are valid and right? If so, Christianity many not be the theology for you. God, by means of the Bible and Holy Spirit, tells us quite clearly we are sinful and fallen. His thoughts and ways are not our thoughts and ways. His desire for us is to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit, not the emotional need to be beautiful or participate in a grand adventure. He provides a way for us to be right, but it is not declaring that we are beautiful and must participate in a grand adventure to be validated. With the exception of a pithy prayer at the beginning of the guided journal, Jesus the Messiah is not mentioned and God only slightly. It’s all about the woman’s emotional experience. And how about open ended questions, ever hear of them? Yes or no questions do not stimulate discussion or thought. Grrr. Stay tuned for more in subsequent weeks.