How people found this blog

Every November I have a few thematic topics I like to post. Today I shall start with odd phrases that brought people here along with a commentary where appropriate.

First up is a language I don’t speak but google assures me that the phrase/word translates to

Dumbness inverter Buffy

I can’t even begin to offer an explanation as to why that person was directed here since I don’t speak or write the language in which the search was conducted.

Next up, we have:

  • girl with yarn I like this one, I am a girl, I have yarn. I hope I was what that person was looking for.
  • eight flame dragon I got nothing here, I suppose I must talk about dragons somewhere but not one with eight flames.
  • wordpress confessions of a book This leaves me wondering if someone is writing a book or hopes to read the book, what would said book confess about WordPress?
  • snob Well, searching the entire internet for one word, well, needle meet haystack.
  • crochet piggy slippers I can’t even begin to express with words how much I want to run this search to find piggy slippers.
  • ist of words that are good to put in wordle Really? Isn’t this supposed to be your own set of words? Why would you use words that belong to someone else?

And that’s about it since the rest of the searches were relevant to the topics I write about.


My grandmother-in-law’s husband made this for her while he was recovering from foot surgery after basic training but before deployment during World War II.

Wasted day

I had great plans for today, I wanted to finish my weaving project, work on another audio project, dye my hair, and plan next month’s craft projects. I managed to dye my hair. It needed to be done, my natural color is beginning to fade and I’m not ready for the next natural to gain a foothold. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for goals . . .

Deathly Hallows the final installment

Since Boo arrived we haven’t been to many movies, the final two Harry Potter movies were no exception. Instead, we have purchased them on DVD and watched them at home. I purposefully avoided rereading the books because I could no longer appreciate the movies when compared with the original works. I find that to be true of most books that become movies. Tonight we started watching DH2. So far it’s better than expected.

Inkle weaving progress

I finally have pictures of the progress. Until today I didn’t feel like I had enough weaving to show.

The current finished band is about 27 inches long and I think I have enough yarn left to make a second one if I’m careful. I’m hoping to find suspender hardware in a child’s size and turn these into a pair of suspenders for Boo.

Winter has arrived

The weather pays no attention to the calendar. It seems to matter little that the winter solstice is well over a month away, the snow has finally arrived in our part of Michigan. I have a wonderfully warm jacket, which I took out of the closet today but I’m still in denial. It’s currently in the backseat of m y car in case I need it, though I make Boo wear his. As winter drew to a close earlier this year, I lamented my lack of snow worthy boots to my husband and we began a search. I had hoped to find a nice tall pair on clearance, however, having a foot that is barely larger than a child but twice as wide leaves me few options when the stores are fully stocked and next to nothing at the of a season. My feet have always been short and wide but I heard that feet often grow while pregnant I let out a delightful cry. It was then I learned that they would likely widen rather than lengthen, which is exactly what happened. My already wide feet are much wider thereby limiting my selection even further.

After trying a few stores locally, we were advised to head to a specific outdoor shop an hour away. So we piled in the car tonight and I tried on boots. The shop does not carry anything smaller than a 6, nothing wider than a medium and not very many half sizes. Apparently I am not the only one with small feet searching because I can make do with a size 6, I wore the thickest pair of socks I own. I could only get my hippo sized ankle into one style, they were not my first choice though they were the first pair I tried. Many stores use the smallest size available as the display model which means I can try on one while waiting for assistance. Many of the winter boots have a fixed tongue size because of pleating which worked against me. After trying on or requesting sizes to be told they were unavailable, I settled on this pair:

Bogs in Classic High Le Jardin

Boo and I plan to have many outdoor adventures now that I can keep my feet warm in the snow. I’ll report back in a few months.

Kiva 2011

It’s the time of year where I usually talk about and the small contributions our family makes to help those who try to help themselves. In 2007 I learned of Kiva and started contributing to the microloans in Kenya. Many individuals were helped, families were helped, we continued to support them by reinvesting the paid back loans. There was a significant amount political unrest and upheaval that left many unable to repay their loans. We all understood that was a risk and accepted it. However, it eventually came to light that many of individuals were ready and willing to pay back the loans but the disbursement agency had stopped forwarding the received repayments to Kiva leaving the lenders unable to recoup funds to loan out again. Kiva eventually declared all the loans through that particular agency abandoned without hope of repayment. The email we received indicated that if at a future date funds were recovered, they would be forward to us. We didn’t loan out very much money in the scheme of life, a small drop in the bucket that we haven’t missed but it was the money we reinvested. Every year we added one new loan to the group. We started with one, then two at a time, then three at a time and so on. When we received the final repayment of funds, we donated most of it back to Kiva for their operating costs and decided to take a break for a while.

We still believe in Kiva’s mission, it’s important for everyone to have opportunities. We are doing small things with other organizations for the next while.

101 in 1001 in 2011

My 101 things in 1001 days ended without fanfare in May of this year. I did not complete my list but I did not expect to once Boo arrived in 2009. I originally began this project in 2008 after hearing several podcasters referred to it. The project was outlined at and I spent a great deal of time working on my list. I had thought to post my list here but after a bit of introspection, decided that my list was for personal use and not public consumption. During the 1001 days I chronicled many of the completed things that seemed appropriate to share.

I had thought to evaluate my list and determine why I didn’t complete the ones I avoided but that seems futile at this point. I am not sure that I will make a list like this again. I divided my tasks into 10 main categories and If I were to do this again, I would consult the uncompleted list and begin to tweak from that list, slashing the wildly unrealistic. Instead, I switched to one theme a year. I’m undecided at this point whether this works for me either.