In which I ponder photos

You may or many not remember that I found a few photo challenges almost two months ago. I purposed to participate by taking one photo a day of anything I desired. While setting about finding interesting things to take photos of, I would attempt to follow an alphabet challenge, changing letters every two weeks or so as well as attempting to capture color schemes that changed every two months. It comes as no big surprise that my interest is waning. More because I have limited subject matter due to gas prices rising beyond belief. I have intentions of spending an afternoon in downtown GR, but that would only serve one day/one photo. I can alter the challenge and include them in the color or alphabet if applicable. There are a few surrounding towns that may have interesting architecture, parks, and what-not, but I have to plan that as I don’t want to waste gas. A few weeks ago I fairly well ran out of ideas and finally failed to capture a photo for a given day which then dragged into a few days, possibly a week or so. In reading blogs/posts of others participating, I am not alone in this, however, they have completed almost 5 months of photos, not less than two. Such is life. I am still taking photos, just several a day and not everyday. I downloaded and cropped all the photos I have been hording, you can check them out here. This weekend I’ll sort them into the other two categories, ABC-along and PS3.0.

Spring has arrived . . .

Good intentions often go awry in the course of an actual day. I plan, I plot, I attempt to be as productive as possible, then life happens. I seem to be more ready at the end of a week to accomplish my tasks.
My list today:

  • laundry
  • print some email
  • repack kitchen items from cardboard to plastic but only about half of what I wanted, there’s more to go, but I’m checking it off because progress was made
  • sort three office boxes – file or shred – maybe on Sat.
  • straighten the living room- maybe on Sat.
  • garden-the black dirt arrived today, THANKS DAD!

Granny called this morning, then Jason called. There was a lunch up at Mom and Dad’s church, so I threw on some clothes and raced to Granny’s house. We had a wonderful lunch and I drove Granny home. We wandered about the yard looking at evidence of spring. Daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, violets and other pretty green, yellow, pink and purple things. I think maybe next week, I will spend a morning or afternoon with Granny helping with the beds. Then we looked at the product of wonderful talent-one of her brothers and his son made and sold blown glass figurines. There are impressive: a carousel that spins, bears, swans, punch bowl with cups and an ladle and more.

I arrived arrived home around 3pm and managed to accomplish almost half of my list. I am also beginning to find it challenging to complete my photo-a-day, but I am not giving up. As I thought about it yesterday, it occurred to me that if I participate next year, I will be three months late again. I decided to look through my 2008 photo folder and discovered that I took pictures on 23 days during the first 91 days of the year. I am going to use those and call it finished on December 31, 2008 unless I feel that I won’t do it again next year. In that case, I will probably extend my deadline to March 31 and remove the first 23. To that end, I have placed these 23 pic in a folder of their own.

  • top left: a handsome, proper puppy
  • top right: I call this one – cat in a basket
  • middle left: I didn’t take this picture, but it was taken with my camera
  • middle right: knitting entertainment
  • bottom left: mosaic for 23 of 91
day016 day017
day017b day017b

Once upon a sunset

  • top left: hanging my grow light for peppers
  • top right: my uncreative water bottle picture
  • middle left: building my garden boxes
  • middle right: six of my seven garden boxes
  • bottom left: tonight’s sunset
day011 day012
day013 day014

A weekend

We had a mini-family fun day yesterday. We all went bowling at one of the local dives. I call it that because there is a remodeled bowling alley that moved and remodeled sometime this last year, however, I have yet to actually bowl there. I have never heard of a bowling alley that doesn’t have open bowling on the weekends for a significant period of time. Where I grew up bowling was a huge market and open bowling was frequent and often. Leagues were hosted, but not to the exclusion of the general population. This alley in question had open bowling from noon to 3pm, then not again until 9 on Sunday. I know I’ve also tried to go on Saturday and there are leagues all day until 9pm, but there is one lane reserved for open bowling, but you can’t reserve any of it. It’s all first come first serve. So, we’ve unofficially decided to go to the alley on the south end of town, which doesn’t have the newest or lastest and greatest carpeting or technology. However, they do let us bowl.

My photos for the weekend:
(a birdhouse for a bluebird, another dishcloth & my almost flowerbed)

day005 day006

New birdfeeders

65 spam comments blocked with a total of 117 over lifetime of installation, I really appreciate the work that plug-in authors put in to create helpful resources. As I read through them, there are many advertisements for drugs from pain management, to ADHD management to, well, I’m sure you can use your imagination.

feeder 1 feeder 2

Meijer has birdfeeders and food on sale this week, so I picked up some summer feeders and food. In the future, I will use sugar water and food coloring, the price does not seem to equal volume in my opinion. There was a slight problem with the angle of the orange feeder, it was about half full when I started. I had to rehang it so that it was level. Liquid is a much different animal than seed, live and learn!.

My photo for today is of my garden. The planks are for raised beds, my soil is not up to par, so I will have to bring some in and I would like to stave off erosion. Behind the planks is the garden-to-be, a lovely fenced in area with higher gauge at the top and small gauge at the bottom. I don’t know how far into the ground it goes, only time with tell about the burrowing critters.


day three

An interesting side effect of taking a photo a day is I will have at least a post a day. I’m not sure I like that so well, but I don’t know that I want to start a blog just for photos. I could just publish them to the gallery and call that good. Time will tell what I have the energy to do.

B is for

Once a week dinner with Granny was fabulous as usual. She served us pasta, salad, fruit, and bread. Usually the bread at Granny’s has butter on it or in it, so Jason suggested I could bring my fresh baked loaf of wheat bread, he would bring his spelt loaf and we’d all have yummy bread to eat. Warm bread with safe butter like product melting in to the air pockets.


day two

Mom and I were chatting about scrapbooking, hoping that next week we could find time. At nearly the same time, we started talking about the wedding in general and some of the stories we have from that day. Josh had a wonderfully creative idea-we could each share a few memories of the day on paper, like we did last year at Easter.

Today, snow falls


day one

As I contemplated a photo to take today, the fine white precipitation on the other side of the window caught my eye. I spent about a half hour and 84 pictures exploring. I deleted over half, my goal is to observe my surroundings more and deeper. I shall let the images I choose show my progress to that end.

I am thankful to have two months to complete the next mosaic, earth. I present fire: reds, oranges, and pinks; completed in a day. I believe the overall idea is that it should pertain to your craft and you may take as many or few photos necessary to document it. This mosaic I will not offer an immediate explanation of each photo and how it relates to craft, you may speculate, guess, or chalk it up to weirdness on my part.

fire mosaic

. . . out like a lamb

I’ve updated this blog to WordPress 2.5. The upgrade is mostly behind the scenes on the admin panel and back-end clunkiness. It will take a little time to get used to where things have moved to back here where I type, but that will come. I have some concern about the plug-ins I use to show various and sundry coolie things in the sidebars. Time will bear out whether I lose functionality. So far, the only oddity I have noticed is one preexisting draft, an unpublished post. The date on it flipped from sometime this year to 1969. I don’t know what controls that or interacts with it. I could disable all the plug-ins and see if it rights itself.

On one of my favorite yarny sites, I have been hunting various groups that deal with the topic of blogging and found several new ones to lurk. Among the groups I joined today are an organizing your blog one, and three that deal with photography.

My blog is not disorganized nor is it organized. Each week I seem to blog a new topic, add a new category and reorder old posts to accommodate the new plan. I’m afraid that it will take me some time to figure out when I will stop changing it because it finally fits my purpose.

I do not fool myself into thinking that I am professional. I don’t have that unique sense that tells me when I see a perfect picture from the perfect angle. Instead, I take pictures of what strikes me from odd, often misunderstood angle. One group encourages each of us to take a photo a day, similar to the blog post a day. The other group sets a color palette over a two month span and encourages us to knit, draw, create, stumble upon and group photos that fit the palette. I am thinking that I can combine the two, take photos every day for a year, and group the photos by colors in the spectrum. The decision to make is put photographs here or start a new one. I will contemplate it until morning and decide tomorrow what to do. The last is an abc-along, take one picture every two weeks that represents the required letter of the alphabet. I cannot officially join as sign-up is over for 2008, but it may fit in to my schedule of one picture every day of a given color group and of a letter once every two weeks. At the end of every month, the 365ers put all the photos together in one graphic, or mosaic, which looks incredibly cool. If I can remember the self-imposed boundaries I will derive some enjoyment from this task. If I am unable to keep up, I will modify the requirements as I go.

I received my order of photos on Thursday or Friday from winkflash. I have to say that so far I am impressed with quality and service. That being said, I am ready to start our wedding scrapbook.