It’s pronounced awl-buh-nee!

So, while I’ve been working on update my family genealogy records and doing a bit of research, I’ve been watching a bit of TV. It so happens that I am watching NBC’s Late Night with Conan. He just mocked a contest he heard about from a furniture store in Albany, NY. The show is taped in NYC, I know, I know, we who live more than two hours from the City don’t care much about it, but we still now how to pronounce things. Out of his mouth more than once: al-ba-nee, as in Al, like a guy’s name. I’m sure the rest of the country found the skit hysterical, but all I could do was laugh at his ignorance. Grand Rapids has been making its rounds on late night shows as well, this is the second time this week I heard it in a skit or joke. May be popular because of that boxer who has made a name for himself.

On the topic of research, I’m not doing as much original research as I’d like, mostly looking up Census records for the family I already know of and comparing the people to other’s research. I am at a complete dead-end with my father’s father’s family. Records clearly were not kept, people avoid answering the census questions or were avoided in the asking. I know when my family was here and records don’t reflect that. I have found a wealth of ssn for the deceased whom I feel may be family. But my understand of NY and records involved the words “good luck.” Shell out money and hope that records arrive sometime in the next couple of whiles.

Update: Conan reviewed the contest he is sponsoring and someone between the initial episode and the one that updated the contest told him how to properly pronounce Albany!