I swear I wasn’t intending to collect looms. I looked at the Cricket when I was looking at looms and decided it was too limited. I settled on the big sister to the Cricket and changed my mind yet again when a great deal fell in my lap for my 32″ Kromski Harp. I hadn’t planned on the inkle loom until I realized it could double as a small warping board as well. Last night a very good deal fell in my lap and I have a Cricket on its way to me. I’m hoping to keep smaller projects on it like dishcloths and little things like that. I’d also like to teach Boo to weave on it. He absolutely loves to sit on my lap with the big loom but it’s just too big for his little arms. If all goes well, he and I will start weaving on it on Tuesday.

Inkle weaving pt 4

With moments stolen thought the day, I was able to weave more than 15 inches. I have discovered that as the band lengthens, I have a tendency to pull the weft in tighter. I have a few places where the pattern is not as clearly defined as I would like but after ripping back several times, I have come to the conclusion that it is most likely a result of too much tension on a few warp threads. Unfortunately, I can’t rewarp it at this point and the band is too small for me to hang washers or stuff paper in to fix it. I had hoped to be finished with the band today but ran out of time. Stay tuned tomorrow, I hope to have a few pictures if there’s bright sunlight tomorrow.

Inkle weaving pt 3

I have made a bit more progress today. I was able to complete Boo’s first name with a diamond at the start and end. Now I’m doing his name again facing the other direction. I don’t quite understand why the letters aren’t the same other than I’m doing something incorrectly. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out soon or nothing will match.

Inkle weaving pt 2

I had hoped to be finished with my first inkle project, instead I’ve been redesigning and hunting patterns. I didn’t fully understand how the weaving worked when I set my colors in my first project. I had intended to have 9 pattern threads because that’s what the chart called for. I put a border on each side of the 9 pattern threads that match the pattern threads so my pattern ran into the border and didn’t look right. After ripping out a few inches of pattern, I am back at square one trying to figure out how best to do fix it. Which really means designing the pattern to work on seven threads instead of nine. Stay tuned . . .

Inkle weaving

I present my inkle loom and first WIP. I’m planning on weaving Boo’s first name and a random design at the star and end. If I have enough, I may do a second one.

sideview of inkle loom

string heddles and weaving area on inkle

backside of loom

back of loom

Fiber Friday

My keyboard has been silent for months as a result of purposeful choices. For the last 6 or 7 months, I’ve been making a concerted effort to craft more. I like have something to show for my free time. One of the many crafts occupying my time is weaving. In April I picked up a 32″ Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom.

My first project was a series of dishtowels turned dishcloths due to me not remembering to write down the proper length before beginning the project. You can see most of them wound on the front bar, closest to the couch. You can also see my wonderful assistant. He loves to throw the shuttles, which is more like a jab and shove.

My newest loom is an Ashford inkle designed to make narrow bands, think guitar straps, bag straps, bookmarks, and woven belts among many possibilities. Some make a series of bands and join them together to make larger projects. I also plan to use my inkle as a portable warping board for my rigid heddle. Even though my rigid heddle has a warping board on the back, I’d still like to use a separate one so that I can direct warp without the yarn stretched all over the kitchen.

Mother Bear

A little over a year ago I heard about a charity based in Minnesota that sends crochet and knit bears to children affected by HIV/AIDS, Most of the bears are sent to Africa, but there are a few countries outside of Africa that receive them. This fall I started making bears, here are two of the three I’ve completed so far.

I finished the third one yesterday and need to get the photo off the camera.

I hereby declare this weekend

to be finishing weekend. I’ve been in the midst of several crafting projects and need to get them completed both for the sake of completing them so I don’t spend any more energy thinking about them and because the projects need to go live with someone else. I’ve finished another bear, that makes three and by tomorrow the placemats I’ve been avoiding will be tied.