February 2012 craft projects

I’m starting the wrap-up early. I am still hoping to eek out 2 more finished objects but in the event I don’t, here’s the rest of my February projects:

My mother asked me to knit a pair of socks for one of my step-sisters, luckily her feet are a similar size to mine. These are purple, not as dark as the photo. I think next on my list of purchases is the lightbox for taking photographs. My only indecision is whether to create it myself or buy one.

Socks for my step-sister

I balled up the green yarn that I finished earlier this month, knit this monster and sent it along to a dear friend. This will be the beginning of a monster obsession. I’m bringing the monster book to another friend this week for her to pick some for me to make her. She loves to craft but has tremor issues that make fine work difficult.

A Dot monster for a friend

I have added to badges to my collection for my participation in Hogsmeade Weekend 2012 in HPKCHC on Ravelry. Once a year or so there is a trip to Hogsmeade, there is much crafting, storytelling and togetherness. I volunteered to help with one of the story telling areas, hence the Shrieking Shack badge.

Hogsmeade Weekend 2012

Gettings things done

I have finally joined HPKCHC (HP Knitting and Crochet House Cup with HP being Harry Potter) on Ravelry. I found this group several years ago, joined and then left. The rules seemed complicated, the requirements strict, and I wasn’t interested in that. Last Spring, I searched for HP related groups on Ravelry again and found several that were interesting, this one included. I joined two and started playing along in the game that had less stringent guidelines. After playing for 9 months I began to see the beauty in the complicated, strict requirements of the first game I found and left the small one for the larger one. I have not been sorted into the game yet, that will happen in March I believe and I’ll play officially in April.

The game is a fun way to motivate myself to start and finished every month, though there are ways to turn in works-in-progress for partial credit. I started playing in the middle of January and am planning to post at least once a month with my finished projects and badges to accompany them.

Socks for Granny


house unity yarn

monster chunk

HP Duel

Christmas 2011 socks for Linda

Breakfast foods

Badge earned for posting to classes in January and then posting in the NQFY Waiting Room (Not Quite First Year):

Badge earned for finding a partner and dueling in Care of Magical Creatures (duel-both make the same pattern, at the same while racing to completion):

Badge for completing 5 classes during the month of Jan:

Badge earned for crafting something that makes me happy and turning it in to Gryff Tower before required date (I made ribbit):

Christmas crafting 2011

Last Christmas I swore that I would make small trinkets throughout the year instead of saving up for the December frenzy. I started well, I made 12 or do dishcloths by March and felt quite proud of myself. I absconded with several of them to give away to another perfectly worthy recipient with the thought that I could whip up a few more quite easily. Here is is the end of November and I only have 2 in my Christmas box, 2. Do you know how far 2 goes? Nor far at all my friends, no far at all. I decided to get on the ball.

Here are three more. That makes two large and three small but I’m not even close. I need to pull out the crochet hook and make some nylon scrubbies. I did plan for those a bit, I brought 10 yards of that stick-to-everything nylon over to Granny’s one Tuesday and cut while Boo entertained her to keep her out from under foot. It was a hoot to watch Boo try to figure out what I was doing. I need to use a larger hook this time, I nearly sprained my wrists with how tight I worked.

Another shawl

I have been coveting a shawl from afar, the Evenstar Shawl. When we first met, I didn’t feel I could tackle a lace project of this magnitude. If all goes well, this pattern creates a 60 inch circle knit in laceweight with a bazillion beads and no, I do not feel I am exaggerating. I ordered beads from earthfaire so I know for a fact there are a total of a bazillion in the four tubes I purchased. When I finally decided that Evenstar and I were meant to spend some quality time getting to know each other, I chatted by email with the owners of the Unique Sheep in order to pick out the perfect colorway. I chose Herb Garden a four color gradience colorway. I have three 1 ounce balls and 1 two ounce ball (the lightest color) in a lovely green with dark olive beads for the edging. The darkest yarn color will be in the center and I’ll work my way out to the lightest for the edging/border. I started today and my goal is to finish by Feb. 29, 2012.

I don’t have too many places to wear a shawl but I really want to knit it. I may end up giving it away when all is said and done or I may pack it away for future use if I really can’t find a place to wear it.

Mother Bear

A little over a year ago I heard about a charity based in Minnesota that sends crochet and knit bears to children affected by HIV/AIDS, motherbear.org. Most of the bears are sent to Africa, but there are a few countries outside of Africa that receive them. This fall I started making bears, here are two of the three I’ve completed so far.

I finished the third one yesterday and need to get the photo off the camera.

Super Secret Santa Sewing Update #4

I’m happy to report that my Christmas crafting 2010 was mostly on time. I delivered the table runner on time but didn’t have a good pattern in mind for the fiber I purchased so I made a gift certificate and presented it with the fiber. I also finished socks for Jason on Christmas Day. I didn’t wrap them but I did let him try them on so I knew how much further to knit. He only wanted another inch or two added so I have yarn leftover to make Boo a matching pair of socks or two.


Super Secret Santa Sewing 2010 #3

Well, planning will only get me so far. During nap time today I was able to knock out most of the male cardinal block. When Boo woke up he needed much comforting because I was running a sewing machine when he woke up so I didn’t hear him immediately. I don’t really know how long he was in his crib awake and unhappy. Once settled, I recalled that Grandma L. is able to put him in a highchair while she cooks and he seems content. I wondered if I pulled him next to me in his chair while I sewed if he would find it interesting. I discovered that he is only interested in watching me sew if he can have his own bits of fabric.

Luckily for both of us I accidentally sewed and cut the wrong pieces so I had some extras that I could give him. I sewed them into a small block when Jason got home and turned Boo loose. He toddled around with it like it was treasure. Then I was able to finish the first block. While looking it at I realized that I originally wanted it set on point but designed it square.

We had family dinner tonight, so when we returned home I started work on the female cardinal. I wisely cut all the background squares Thursday when I was cutting the pieces for male block. I changed the color scheme again, the picture doesn’t do the female justice, she’s got a little purpley-pink tuft on her head and the tail doesn’t look that dark. I went to work cutting and then piecing. I am so chuffed with the results, most of my points line up, the ones that don’t sort of look like tail feathers and perhaps it was on purpose. The blocks look as good if not better than they did in my head, which is saying something. I’m not the best with color and I’ve never designed a pieced pattern before. I looked at a lot of different pieced cardinals and then combined what I thought were the best features into my own. The only thing that I wish I had remembered was that I wanted the birds to be mirror images of each other rather than duplicates. I should have flipped the female on paper instead of thinking that I would remember. You’ll notice they are both facing to the left, not one left and one right, I’m not redoing it. What Granny doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Now I have to rework the center blocks in my head because I designed everything in my head on point with triangles. Luckily for me I only have squares now, much easier, I hope. I also have a knitting project to do as well. I had planned a cowl, but tonight she asked for a Calorimetry like mine. I assume I can pick different colors. I’ll do that first and then the cowl if there’s time.