Gettings things done

I have finally joined HPKCHC (HP Knitting and Crochet House Cup with HP being Harry Potter) on Ravelry. I found this group several years ago, joined and then left. The rules seemed complicated, the requirements strict, and I wasn’t interested in that. Last Spring, I searched for HP related groups on Ravelry again and found several that were interesting, this one included. I joined two and started playing along in the game that had less stringent guidelines. After playing for 9 months I began to see the beauty in the complicated, strict requirements of the first game I found and left the small one for the larger one. I have not been sorted into the game yet, that will happen in March I believe and I’ll play officially in April.

The game is a fun way to motivate myself to start and finished every month, though there are ways to turn in works-in-progress for partial credit. I started playing in the middle of January and am planning to post at least once a month with my finished projects and badges to accompany them.

Socks for Granny


house unity yarn

monster chunk

HP Duel

Christmas 2011 socks for Linda

Breakfast foods

Badge earned for posting to classes in January and then posting in the NQFY Waiting Room (Not Quite First Year):

Badge earned for finding a partner and dueling in Care of Magical Creatures (duel-both make the same pattern, at the same while racing to completion):

Badge for completing 5 classes during the month of Jan:

Badge earned for crafting something that makes me happy and turning it in to Gryff Tower before required date (I made ribbit):

101 in 1001 2010 Update

My 101 things to do in 1001 days is rounding the home stretch. May 2, 2011 is day 1001 and I need to report that I have not finished my list nor will I. I’m still undecided about whether I will start a new 101 in 1001 list in May 2011. I’m thinking about taking off a month or two in order to compose a new, more realistic list. I’d like to try again knowing what I know now. I know I can better guess at what I’m likely to accomplish. Some of the goals were unrealistic, some I was too lazy to complete but mostly I had the most wonderful little boy in world and I allowed myself to be sidetracked from a list to pour myself into him. I think I made the wiser choice. I purposefully added some easy ones so that I could check them off quickly knowing that the rest would take effort. Here are my thoughts on most, but not all, of the categories as well as what I’ve accomplished thus far.

I wish I had put knit a sweater on the list, I’m doing that, I wasn’t sure if I would want to do that. I finally taught myself to crochet, I didn’t put that on the list, but I did challenge myself to crochet something knowing that in order to do that I had to teach myself.

  • Stamp cards to use for special occasions: have 20 in reserve I joined a card swap so have blown this one out of the water. Five times a year I make 10 cards and swap them.
  • Knit 300 dishcloths/washcloths, patterns of varying choice (9 per month) (9/2010 completed 4/300 crocheted 10-12 scrubbies) I won’t finish this, but I’ve made progress
  • Complete one crochet project (summer 2010)

I don’t seem to have time to complete these as they involve others. I am helping with literacy, just not adults and not as a volunteer.

My TV viewing habits declined sharply in fall of 2010 because NBC stopped broadcasting in our area again. We made the decision to just shut it off except for DVDs and Netflix movies. I do watch L&O occasionally, but more often than not I find myself only watching 5 or 10 minutes then shutting it off. We’ve watched an hour and a half of PBS Masterpiece Theatre for three weeks. We watched Jeopardy for the first time in months, I decided to see if NBC came back, it did. We’ve committed to only watching weeknights from 7-8 for Wheel and Jeopardy and perhaps a PBS show here and there.

  • Decrease regular television viewing by 25% (fall 2010)
  • Ration television to 10 hours per week for at least two consecutive weeks (fall 2010)
  • Hall closet-find & implement workable organization: accomplished when one towel can be removed and the rest don’t fall out and when the bottom area is only extras /li>


  • Join a knitting group-I did, actually I joined a knitting group and a spinning group, though I’d like to find one closer that suits me a bit better

WordPress 3 changed my blogging desires, now with the versatility of child themes I have less desire to make a theme myself, though I am working on graphics to substitute in to an exiting theme that is designed to be tweaked like this.

Living Local & Green/Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The yearly garden and seed collection failed. This summer I was so sleep deprived that I couldn’t keep myself together, let alone worry about a garden. I let my husband play in the garden. We had a small garden and I think he kept some of the seeds, but I can’t count it as I didn’t do much. As our freezer contains lots of meet and veggies from the garden, it’s not practical to put a month of meals in it. Boo and I are going to start cooking more with the purpose of storing extras, but I’ll have a difficult time finding space for too much.

Who’s got time to read WoT? The 12th book part one came out and I haven’t even finished 10 or started 11. Some day I’ll read them and make my own little encyclopedia of characters, places, events, holidays, and all. Since I’m starting a podcast, the Librivox recordings are on hold because I’m dedicating my time to planning. The classics are coming along, but I’m probably not going to reach that goal either.

Piggy problems

ACK!! I finished Boo’s piggy last night only to discover this morning that I know why he looks silly. The pig looks silly, not Boo. When I looked through the gallery of pigs some were round like a sphere and some were more elongated. I wondered why they looked so different. Then I crocheted my first one, I think it was round, completely round but it was my first real crochet project that wasn’t a nylon scrubbie thing. This time I made the elongated one by following the pattern exactly and was so frustrated. I diligently sewed all the appendages on very tightly so Boo couldn’t rip them off, ever, until he knows how to use scissors. I put it in his collection of amigurimies and left it. This morning I picked it up and figured out why some of us have elongated pigs and some are spheres while we all crochet it properly. Piggies are longer on the sides and rounder on the front/back. I sewed everything on wrong. His ears are on his back, his tail is in the middle of his belly and he has feet on his butt. Oops.


Have you ever tried to wrangle

10 yards nylon netting by cutting it in to 30 strips 2 inches wide with the help of kitties? If you are unsure of what the fabric looks like picture the white tulle that a bride has as a part of her veil or the pink tutu of a ballerina, only a bit more coarse. Tulle as I think of it is fine, soft-ish and elegant. Netting is rougher, the holes in the fabric are larger. I’ve seen crocheted scrubbies made from nylon netting, usually availabe for purchase at craft shows but I’m one of those people. You know the type, the craft vendors dread me, but I keep the thoughts to myself. I see a crafted item and think to myself, I can make that, I can make that for less than the selling price. I used to say it to myself more often, but time had taught me that some things I do not wish to invest time in and purchasing it is better for me. The scrubbies were over priced in my opinion. That is until I attempted to cut my 2 inch strips. I searched online and found several patterns and a few videos on how to make the simple round scribbies. I’ve meant to learn to crochet for a while now and this seemed like the project. After all, it’s going to scrub dishes until it wears out and then it will be no more, so if it’s not very pretty, so what.

The patterns suggested approximately 10 yards for each part, then crochet two parts together and commence scrubbing. I decided to purchase 10 yards then cut it into 2 inch strips. I figured that I could fold it in a fan style or some such and then cut through several layers at a time, making short work of it. After attempting to cut strips and basically wasting 10 yards over a 6 inch wide section, a few choice words were uttered and something was mentioned about just paying for someone else to deal with it. I sent the boys outside and tried again. Using a freshly swept floor and two kitties, I managed to cut enough to make 3 complete scrubbies.

I loaded a video that corresponded to a written pattern and went to town. They were addictive little suckers. It was easy and quick to crochet these little gems. I decided to tackle the rest of the fabric, in my estimation I had about 40 inches by 10 yards or 20 strips left to cut. I arrived at the place mentally where it wasn’t important if the strips were exactly 2 inches wide. I managed to cut the rest of the fabric and put the short pieces in a bag of leftovers to be used in rhe event I need more. I’ve cut enough strips from my 10 yards to make the craft show prices trick me into thinking I’ve made out like a bandit.

I did some math on 1 yard of netting 60 inches wide cut in a 2 in spiral vs. 10 yards 60 inches wide cut in 2 inch strips. One yard will yield 29.333… yards 2 inches wide in one strip while 10 yards will yield 300 yards 2 inches wide in 30 strips 10 yards each. I lose .666667 per yard or 6.7 yards over 300, which won’t make a whole scrubbie by itself. I will be wrangling 1 yard pieces from now on, it preserves my sanity, mostly.