16 down, a lot to go

It has taken me a while to get caught up on thank you cards, I’m still not there yet, but I now have the oldest ones written and a good deal of the ones from the book shower. I need to address them tomorrow and get them out in Monday’s mail, well, 16 of them. Here are what mine look like:

20091114 ty

Mom P also made me some, but I didn’t take a picture of those because I didn’t make them. They were cute little scalloped circles with baby booties and laces.


Thank you cards finished

Here are pictures of the cards I made several days ago for the swap. I am not sure when I will receive the swap cards, but I’ll try to post them as a record of what I received before they are used.

Here is my new batch of baby thank you cards for Boo’s gifts. It’s a cross between what I did for the swap and the cute baby carriage.swap_cards I like the carriage cards, but they use up a lot of card stock, either entire sheets of 8.5×11 or odd left chunks of 12×12. The odd bits are fine, but I’m not sure how or when I’ll use them and I’d rather not have a huge pile of tiny varying sized scraps. I’m all about efficiency, so I’ve started making the cards 4×8, so from a 12×12 I’ll only have one small square left. From that square I’ll make parts for the baby carriages so no extra waste from this process. I also think I’m going to reduce the number of layers. The card stock I just bought for the swap was on the thick side. Stay-tuned for updates. I have 30 cards to make so I can finish up the current batch of books and clothes. Boo will be richly blessed in just knowing all these people.


Thank you cards

So I joined a card swap, at least for the fall. The cards are due Friday and I think I have a clue, but I don’t like any of the colors in my collection. I purchased a new pack of cardstock prints hoping to fall in love with something there, no such luck. I think I am going to make them with the new card stock anyway.


It’s a shame I can’t make thank you notes for a baby shower/gift. I have a wonderful design that I borrowed from my mil. I use my own paper, rubber stamps in my collection as well as some of the embossers.


A new iPod

Late this summer my Nano developed a problem. I was no longer able to use the center click wheel. The iPod still played music/podcasts, I was just unable to select what I wanted to play in what order. It started at the beginning of the list, then I had to fast forward to the episode I desired. I attempted to fix this by only putting on a couple of episodes at a time, which was less than ideal, but worked as long as I had enough listening material. I toyed with purchasing a replacement wheel and inside electronics but was concerned about wasting money if I didn’t fix it. I was also a bit envious of the amount of space on newer iPods. When the Nano was in tip-top shape, I regularly filled it and had to leave off music lists or newer podcast episodes. On Friday, I will finishing paying for my “new” iPod Classic. I purchased it before Apple released its new line in September, but overall I’m happy with my purchase. I have a smaller Classic, 120GB, as opposed to the newer 160GB one that was released in September. I looked at other brands, other sizes, other others and decided that between the ease of use of iTunes and a similar price point for other mp3 players with comparable size, the Classic was what I wanted.

And it’s that time of year again, what’s on the iPod in the podcast realm. Many old favorites are still in the mix, some no loner on the list have discontinued new episodes, some have become a bit erratic, some just don’t suit me any longer and some I try again after a hiatus.

I’ve still decided not to review any of the new podcasts nor explain why others are no longer on the list. My skin isn’t thick enough when the podcasters leave me feedback. I feel guilty when I share my opinion which hurts complete strangers. Yes, they put themselves out there. Yes, I am trying to be unbiased, I have no stake in the success or failure of a podcast so I’m not playing favorites. Moving on . . .

Standard disclaimer-not all podcasts in my list are suitable for family listening, please check reviews left on iTunes and the shownotes for the podcasts to determine if you would enjoy or be offended by a podcast.

Still hanging on:

New-ish, but staying for a bit longer:

On probation:

If I add too many more to my lists, I’m going to have to take a screenshot and color code them as old, new, and on probation. If you have a podcast or know of one related to literature, crafting (knitting, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking, stamping, etc), gardening, real-life stories, etc that is not commercially produced (we all know that Lion Brand Yarn has good things to say about itself, but I’m still not going to listen) leave a comment.


What’s on the iPod

Every now and again I add or remove podcasts from my listening routine. It’s that time again, I’ve deleted many and am in the process of adding more into the mix. I thought that reviews of the ones I do/don’t listened to would be helpful, but I seem to have hurt a feeling or two. I’m going to rethink the “why I don’t listen anymore” statements. Feel free to search iTunes or the web for subscription info and show notes if one catches your eye. Currently, I don’t subscribe to video podcasts as my Nano doesn’t play well with video and I listen mostly while I am away from the computer “doing.” For the most part, I don’t listen to commercial podcasts, no yarn brands, craft stores, etc. Some of my currently listening podcasts are on summer hiatus, so please do not judge the first list by the last publish date, they are still recording as of the start of the summer of 2009.

Here’s the list of what’s been around for at least few months:

  • CraftLit – absolute favorite, classic literature read to listeners with Heather’s literary criticism and craft talk.
  • CraftyPod – only been listening a short while, not ready for comment
  • Doubleknit
  • It’s a Purl, Man >> Podcasts – long-time listener
  • Knit Misadventures
  • knit obsession with zknits
  • Knitmoregirl’s Podcast
  • limenvoilet – Both Lime and Violet have been recording lately, be careful, lots of language and inappropriate content for most, maybe even me.
  • The Moth podcast – True stories told live without notes
  • Never Not Knitting
  • Stash and Burn – long-time listener
  • Sticks & String podcast – long-time listener
  • Stitch Stud and His Bride – long-time listener

Trying out these, but not subscribed to yet:

  • Alex Anderson Quilt Connection
  • The Anatomy of a Knitting Podcast
  • Jackie’s Quilting Chronicles
  • Knitting in the Round
  • Patchwork and Pacifiers
  • Quilted Cupcake Podcast


B is for

Once a week dinner with Granny was fabulous as usual. She served us pasta, salad, fruit, and bread. Usually the bread at Granny’s has butter on it or in it, so Jason suggested I could bring my fresh baked loaf of wheat bread, he would bring his spelt loaf and we’d all have yummy bread to eat. Warm bread with safe butter like product melting in to the air pockets.


day two

Mom and I were chatting about scrapbooking, hoping that next week we could find time. At nearly the same time, we started talking about the wedding in general and some of the stories we have from that day. Josh had a wonderfully creative idea-we could each share a few memories of the day on paper, like we did last year at Easter.

. . . out like a lamb

I’ve updated this blog to WordPress 2.5. The upgrade is mostly behind the scenes on the admin panel and back-end clunkiness. It will take a little time to get used to where things have moved to back here where I type, but that will come. I have some concern about the plug-ins I use to show various and sundry coolie things in the sidebars. Time will bear out whether I lose functionality. So far, the only oddity I have noticed is one preexisting draft, an unpublished post. The date on it flipped from sometime this year to 1969. I don’t know what controls that or interacts with it. I could disable all the plug-ins and see if it rights itself.

On one of my favorite yarny sites, I have been hunting various groups that deal with the topic of blogging and found several new ones to lurk. Among the groups I joined today are an organizing your blog one, and three that deal with photography.

My blog is not disorganized nor is it organized. Each week I seem to blog a new topic, add a new category and reorder old posts to accommodate the new plan. I’m afraid that it will take me some time to figure out when I will stop changing it because it finally fits my purpose.

I do not fool myself into thinking that I am professional. I don’t have that unique sense that tells me when I see a perfect picture from the perfect angle. Instead, I take pictures of what strikes me from odd, often misunderstood angle. One group encourages each of us to take a photo a day, similar to the blog post a day. The other group sets a color palette over a two month span and encourages us to knit, draw, create, stumble upon and group photos that fit the palette. I am thinking that I can combine the two, take photos every day for a year, and group the photos by colors in the spectrum. The decision to make is put photographs here or start a new one. I will contemplate it until morning and decide tomorrow what to do. The last is an abc-along, take one picture every two weeks that represents the required letter of the alphabet. I cannot officially join as sign-up is over for 2008, but it may fit in to my schedule of one picture every day of a given color group and of a letter once every two weeks. At the end of every month, the 365ers put all the photos together in one graphic, or mosaic, which looks incredibly cool. If I can remember the self-imposed boundaries I will derive some enjoyment from this task. If I am unable to keep up, I will modify the requirements as I go.

I received my order of photos on Thursday or Friday from winkflash. I have to say that so far I am impressed with quality and service. That being said, I am ready to start our wedding scrapbook.

A delivery is made

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter with Jason’s family at freezer0qMom & Dad’s house. Late afternoon all energy escaped me and laid my head on the table. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes. As the family departed, I begged for a nap. When we got home, I slept for too long and woke up with a nasty sore throat several hours later. I stayed awake for a few hours, then went back to bed for the night. I awoke to my phone ringing around 7am and I did not answer it, anyone who actually wants to talk with me knows to wait a few hours. Around 10:30 the same call came through again, so I answered it. It was the delivery people wanting to bring my freezer to me. I still don’t feel real well, my throat hurts but I now have a really big freezer in the basement to put things into and keep freezer02very cold. As you can see, there are baskets to hold things that would otherwise get lost in the deep freeze, three baskets in total. We looked a several models with various organizational aids and I desperately wanted baskets and dividers. I knew the baskets were coming, but the ad was unclear on whether it came with dividers or not. When I exclaimed in excitement that it had dividers, the deliverymen offered to take them back for me, in case I didn’t really want them. As you can see, the dividers are slightly adjustable and there is a nice wall for the small compartment above the motor, which means I can put odd shaped things on that ledge as well as prismafreezer03tic ones.

This afternoon, while not having enough energy to do much of anything, I decided to check on my photo order. I ordered and received photos earlier this month, but didn’t receive all of them. I’m not sure what happened, whether I didn’t select them correctly, but I found the pictures that were missing. I deleted the ones that printed correctly and resubmitted a new order. If last time is any indication, I should have them at the end of the week. I only ordered them because I stopped into the site to see if they had any deals for 4×6 pictures. They have dropped the price to 8¢ each permanently, normally 12¢.

In which I attempt to be crafty

Jason is working on his master’s degree, so I try to be considerate of his need to study. His Spring class just started, so I decided to go to GR on Thursday and hang out with friends. I scheduled a lunch with Sarah, a very close friend from Ada. She had the cubbie next to mine. Lunch was fantastic, but I hadn’t known how much time to allot.

I called Julie a few days previous to see if we could scrapbook or something Thursday evening. I need to get our wedding scrapbook finished before our first anniversary, which by last count is approximately 5 months away and counting. I finished lunch earlier than planned, so headed to Julie’s about mid-afternoon.

For what I will say next, I feel as though I need to offer a defense. Julie and I talked at Granny’s house on Wednesday about knitting dishcloths. We discussed a yarn hunt to find white cotton and I would supply the needles. I wanted to be sure to bring needles and some general knitting guidelines, so I promptly forgot to grab what I considered to be my scrapbooking box. I was almost to the highway when I realized it, but I didn’t want to be late for lunch, so I decided to continue on rather than turn back to retrieve it. This meant that I was 20 minutes early to lunch. I fully understand that had I turned around to retrieve the forgotten box, I would have been 30 minutes late. There’s no middle ground for my estimating of time, there’s really early or extremely tardy. Needless to say, Julie scrapped a little, I knit a little, frogged, knit some more, frogged some more. It was totally productive, I have begun to experiment with entrelac patterns for my dishcloths.

Because there is a freezer scheduled for delivery on Monday and the office area needed to be straightened and organized a bit for optimal study effectiveness, I’ve steadily spent an hour or two in there every day this week. I’m happy to say that I only took 3 boxes to the basement to deal with later, one of which was mostly empty and have one more to deal with in the office. I want to rearrange a couple of the smaller items to optimize productivity in the office, but otherwise, Jason’s area is pretty much together. We even found the second switched outlet, so there are two lamps.

How does this relate to crafts? While dragging things to the basement, I decided to bring up my one scrapbook box and organize it a little. As it turns out, the box would have been more frustrating had I remembered to bring it to Julie’s. Less than half the box was scrapbooking supplies for scrapbooks. The other things in there are for a votive candle project I will do eventually. I quickly emptied two smallish boxes and reorganized the supplies. I need to sort my stamping supplies because many of those are crossover products that can and will be used to complete the wedding scrapbook. I did this while I was watching the Simpson’s Movie with Jason and Nate. I also finally organized my music a little. The sad thing is that my nice neat papers are now puffy, smoshy and not very flat anymore. Have I mentioned that I have ADHD with OCD over and under-tones? I love being me, never a dull moment.

How many little boys with ADHD does it take to change a lightbulb? Wanna go ride bikes?