March comes in like a lion . . .

Well, maybe not this time. The roads are still fairly trashed in this area of Michigan. Something about no money, no overtime, all the plow trucks off the road on weekdays by 2:30 and not very much on the weekends. I’d like to understand a little more how all of the time is used up so quickly. Since I’m not working, I’m volunteering to covertly follow each plow truck a different day of the month to see exactly what is done. Of course, the drivers shouldn’t know this is happening so that patterns are not altered. All that to say, the weather was nice, the sun was very bright, snow was a little melty.

My blog-versary is approaching. I’ve had a blog for 11 months on Sunday. You may keenly notice that the archives only go to July 2007, let me explain a little. I decided I wanted to start blogging and checked out, then promptly began a blog. I wanted to tweak some things and add nifty plugins and what-not. I was unable to do that on the .org site, but there was some flexibility for the .com site. I thought about it and decided that if I was going to pay, I’d rather pay to host an entire site and be able to use what ever software struck my fancy. So I subscribed to, which has good days and bad days. I then installed WordPress, Gallery and a few other plugins for each and away I went. I would blog here and there, but nothing very consistent. In my defense, because I am slightly defensive, I was planning a wedding, planning a trip to Africa, working full-time and leading a small group, as well as the rest of life. I ended up deleting the blog, restarting, deleting, restarting. Finally, in July, after returning from Africa, I got serious. I knew I would not be able to share my Africa MCF story with everyone, so if I had a place where I kept it and could direct people that would be fantastically wonderful. Hence an April 2nd anniversary with the oldest archives in July.

On the topic of, I enjoy the service I receive for the price I pay. Relatively inexpensive, I believe the plans have changed since I signed up, so I won’t go into details, please feel free to check it out, just understand patience is the key. It is up 95% of the time without errors, oh, and uncheck the option to renew automatically if you ever signup, don’t ask, it brings up horrible memories.

I spent some time reorganizing the categories, I don’t know if it will help me, but I feel like they are many and cumbersome. So I create more and tuck in one here and two there and hope for organization to be furthered.

Just so all the categories I clicked are relevant, today was another small group day. I think we are really starting to develop friendships and bond. After another interesting discussion in the book of James on humble submission, we hung out and discussed bowling. One of the alley’s has only one lane open on Saturdays for open bowling until 9pm, which is rather late for us to begin bowling. We checked out the other alley and reserved two lanes for 7pm. I think great fun was had by all, at least we all appeared to have fun. I didn’t pay attention to other scores, only ever mine. I had my best first game ever-113. Usually I bowl a lousy first, good second (121 pulled out at the last minute) and so-so third (83). I chatted a little when I wasn’t bowling, but it was a tad loud, so I sat knitting on the scarf. I have hit the halfway point and hope it’s long enough, roughly 60% finished in less than a week. My plan if it isn’t-knit the last stripe longer than called for in the pattern and pick up stitches on the leading edge and make that first brown stripe match the last. I’m knitting a little tighter and didn’t get gauge, but I knew that going in, I probably should have used larger needles.