Biter Biscuits

A few months ago I bought some of those boxed biter biscuits for Boo because he had such a difficult time with his teeth. They were a bust, he had it less than 3 minutes before he bit through it and had a huge chunk in his mouth. He didn’t have enough teeth to finish it off, so I had to fish it out and get rid of it. Fast-forward to today when I think, the “interwebs” must have a recipe for me. I looked at several, but didn’t have ingredients for all of them, so I tried the one I found here. A nice healthy option, I made mine with 100% whole wheat, freshly ground by my brother-in-law and strawberry puree because I didn’t have any interesting extract flavors I felt comfortable using. I baked them for a while, so that they would be extra crunchy, just shy of burning them. After 25 minutes, he’s still gnawing on it without breaking it. He wouldn’t even let me have it to change him, I did supervise closely though, to make sure he didn’t choke. And best of all, these aren’t sticky like the store bought ones, so he’s got a few breadcrumbs hanging around but not gross sticky everywhere.


Boo is covered

The diapers are officially finished. Here and some of them in his drawer and some hanging on the line in the basement. Hopefully we’ll be able to hang them outside this summer. I still have bunches of fabric left, but I think I will save that in case we wear through any of them. I’ve had to do a quick repair or two, quality control was more interested in napping on the fabric than in inspecting the workmanship.

Thank you cards finished

Here are pictures of the cards I made several days ago for the swap. I am not sure when I will receive the swap cards, but I’ll try to post them as a record of what I received before they are used.

Here is my new batch of baby thank you cards for Boo’s gifts. It’s a cross between what I did for the swap and the cute baby carriage.swap_cards I like the carriage cards, but they use up a lot of card stock, either entire sheets of 8.5×11 or odd left chunks of 12×12. The odd bits are fine, but I’m not sure how or when I’ll use them and I’d rather not have a huge pile of tiny varying sized scraps. I’m all about efficiency, so I’ve started making the cards 4×8, so from a 12×12 I’ll only have one small square left. From that square I’ll make parts for the baby carriages so no extra waste from this process. I also think I’m going to reduce the number of layers. The card stock I just bought for the swap was on the thick side. Stay-tuned for updates. I have 30 cards to make so I can finish up the current batch of books and clothes. Boo will be richly blessed in just knowing all these people.


Cloth diaper options

While I understand I will need to use disposable diapers on rare occasions, I am hoping to use cloth the majority of the time. So, I’ve been checking prices for premade cloth diapers and it’s not pretty, so it occurred to me that I might be able to make some. Here’s my list of patterns on the “interwebs” so far: – suggests using Wal-Mart flannel

Diaper making supplies:
I have ordered from here and am pleased so far.

Pre-made diaper sets for sale: