It’s official

Spring is here. My plants are happily growing under their light, I have broccoli plants, chives, dill and what I think is a hot pepper plant, only one smallish sprout. The cat grass has sprouted and Duke as bitten the tops off of all the blades. Maybe the boys won’t mind pre-chewed blades. Birds are returning, the blue jays have invaded again, finches abound and cardinals zoom past my living room windows off for an adventure. Most of my winter friends have moved on to warmer places or found their own food supply. I spent a few hours on the porch this morning, snuggled under a blanket reading. The sun was peaking out from behind the clouds, Daisy Mae vigilantly keeping guard near my feet, lest any birds or butterflies drop in for a visit. Today is a new day, full of possibilities.

Christmas Eve

Mom, Dad, Granny, Jason and I had dinner around 4 in the afternoon, then packed into our Ford Focus rental car and zipped over to Granny’s church for the Christmas Eve service. We returned to Granny’s house for a rousing game of dominoes, from double twelve down to zero.

Photo record.

Jason and I celebrated our own Christmas on the 24th. Jason’s gifts for me were quite thematic. I have become quite fascinated with the birds at Jason’s feeders, so he purchased three bird feeders, two shepherds hooks and a scooper-funnel for the bird seed, as well as rope and s-hooks to hang the third feeder. He has been enjoying my Law and Order DVD collection, so I found season four and packaged that for him as well as a stuffed star penguin. The penguin came with a code to go and name a star in the international star registry. After naming it, Jason can print a certificate that will show him where the star is located.