How people found this blog

Every November I have a few thematic topics I like to post. Today I shall start with odd phrases that brought people here along with a commentary where appropriate.

First up is a language I don’t speak but google assures me that the phrase/word translates to

Dumbness inverter Buffy

I can’t even begin to offer an explanation as to why that person was directed here since I don’t speak or write the language in which the search was conducted.

Next up, we have:

  • girl with yarn I like this one, I am a girl, I have yarn. I hope I was what that person was looking for.
  • eight flame dragon I got nothing here, I suppose I must talk about dragons somewhere but not one with eight flames.
  • wordpress confessions of a book This leaves me wondering if someone is writing a book or hopes to read the book, what would said book confess about WordPress?
  • snob Well, searching the entire internet for one word, well, needle meet haystack.
  • crochet piggy slippers I can’t even begin to express with words how much I want to run this search to find piggy slippers.
  • ist of words that are good to put in wordle Really? Isn’t this supposed to be your own set of words? Why would you use words that belong to someone else?

And that’s about it since the rest of the searches were relevant to the topics I write about.