February 2012 craft projects

I’m starting the wrap-up early. I am still hoping to eek out 2 more finished objects but in the event I don’t, here’s the rest of my February projects:

My mother asked me to knit a pair of socks for one of my step-sisters, luckily her feet are a similar size to mine. These are purple, not as dark as the photo. I think next on my list of purchases is the lightbox for taking photographs. My only indecision is whether to create it myself or buy one.

Socks for my step-sister

I balled up the green yarn that I finished earlier this month, knit this monster and sent it along to a dear friend. This will be the beginning of a monster obsession. I’m bringing the monster book to another friend this week for her to pick some for me to make her. She loves to craft but has tremor issues that make fine work difficult.

A Dot monster for a friend

I have added to badges to my collection for my participation in Hogsmeade Weekend 2012 in HPKCHC on Ravelry. Once a year or so there is a trip to Hogsmeade, there is much crafting, storytelling and togetherness. I volunteered to help with one of the story telling areas, hence the Shrieking Shack badge.

Hogsmeade Weekend 2012