Spa Cloths pt 3

Here are the completed cloths after a good washing and drying. I’m quite pleased with the texture. I was a bit concerned that the size 9 knitting needle left too much of a gap in the woven rows but after the dryer it’s tightened up nicely. The three cloths are from a white warp with the lime green stripes as weft, 1 yard long. The set of five is lime warp with white as weft, 48 inches long.

I warped this on Monday so that I would have something to take with me to the surgery center while waiting for Boo to have his dental restorations completed. I was able to talk to so many wonderful people while sitting on the floor in the waiting room. One woman told me of how she learned to weave 30 years ago before she started her family. It brought back fond memories for her. Another gentleman spoke of his wife, who was in for hand surgery. He told of all the crafts she enjoyed doing before needing the surgeries. Several of the women behind the reception desk were staring over my shoulder unbeknownst to me as my back was to them. When my husband told me I had an audience, I invited them over and showed them what I was doing. I wrote down information for them, we may have new weavers.