Another shawl

I have been coveting a shawl from afar, the Evenstar Shawl. When we first met, I didn’t feel I could tackle a lace project of this magnitude. If all goes well, this pattern creates a 60 inch circle knit in laceweight with a bazillion beads and no, I do not feel I am exaggerating. I ordered beads from earthfaire so I know for a fact there are a total of a bazillion in the four tubes I purchased. When I finally decided that Evenstar and I were meant to spend some quality time getting to know each other, I chatted by email with the owners of the Unique Sheep in order to pick out the perfect colorway. I chose Herb Garden a four color gradience colorway. I have three 1 ounce balls and 1 two ounce ball (the lightest color) in a lovely green with dark olive beads for the edging. The darkest yarn color will be in the center and I’ll work my way out to the lightest for the edging/border. I started today and my goal is to finish by Feb. 29, 2012.

I don’t have too many places to wear a shawl but I really want to knit it. I may end up giving it away when all is said and done or I may pack it away for future use if I really can’t find a place to wear it.