Fresh milled wheat

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have a grain mill and grind fresh wheat and spelt for us but it has been out of commission for almost a month. Luckily, we had a small cache of flour. When I exhausted our supply it was rough. Boo and I have a whole wheat waffle every morning and were stuck with white flour (which doesn’t taste very good) until someone went to the market and bought whole wheat flour (which tastes slightly better than white bleached but not a whole lot).

Why do I tell you this seemingly boring routine? Because I was able to open a Christmas gift early this year. I have problems with delayed gratification and I’m great guessing, so I can’t be given any hints. My husband did a pretty good job of talking “smack” so I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting what I got. I was home when it was delivered last week, as was he. He was installing a new stove and a repairman was installing a long-overdue new furnace. He and Boo grabbed the package and ran to the bedroom to wrap it. He then debated with himself orally about whether to make me wait or not. Then he tried to have Boo carry it to me but it was too heavy so Boo pushed it on the carpet and I met him halfway. After he let me open it, he explained that he would have felt silly having it under the tree for two weeks with all of us going without fresh milled flour. I’m quite excited because I had fresh milled whole wheat waffles last week and now that the big mill is back in service, I can serve as a backup for the family when the other grinder is unavailable. I’m also excited to learn that I can grind rice into rice flour for my husband who can’t have wheat.