Creative Play

The other day I was browsing the blogroll for Nov. 2010 NaBloPoMo when I saw some really interesting art designed with a program called flame painter. I really don’t have words, so here are some of my paintings. I did as the author of the program suggested, I experimented with the settings. There is a limited feature free version available online or a paid version that looks to be less than $15. Be sure to check the gallery of images, there’s an awesome flame dragon.

After making a few paintings of my own, I clicked into the experiments area and can only wonder if I’ll get any knitting done before crawling into bed in the wee hours of tomorrow. If you don’t draw with pen and paper or feel you can’t paint, find a way to simulate the art form. Do it often. Try different mediums, like a paint program online, maybe you’ll find the artist inside yearning to break free. Or maybe you’ll just have fun creating random flames of color like I did. I think I’ll add online art to my list of mediums to play with every now and again.