On the iPod 2010

I love to look at yesterday and compare it to today. Before you tell me to live for today, I don’t sit here wishing for what was or regretting what happened so long ago. I just like to review and see how or what has changed. In that spirit, it’s time for me to look at what’s on my iPod in the podcast section. I’ve had my iPod Classic for over a year now and still love it. I’ve dropped it enough times to break the case I bought for it and yet it still works. In the past I’ve provided this list with and without links to the blog/shownotes and iTunes. While it is a tremendous amount of work, I’ve decided that I prefer the list with links. Some podcasts have ended and I’ve dropped others. My tastes change and I’ve retried older ones as well as every new one that comes along. My list is almost too long to be manageable. I have favorites, ones I listen to on the computer I can’t even wait to sync. Others have built up a few episodes. I’m happy to report that a few have become family shows, so I don’t listen to them as soon as I see them. Instead they are saved up and we listen together in the car or on the weekend.


Book via Podcast

Crafting World

On the fence:
(some new on my iPod and I don’t know enough to recommend or delete, some old)


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