How people found my blog, part 4

I’m sorry to report that not many people are finding my blog lately. It’s to be expected as I haven’t been updating. The spammers like to spam a Christmas update post from 2009 which I find hysterical. There is nothing to comment on, it’s a status update of my sewing project for my sister-in-law. It has several hundred views a day and 3-5 spam comments which are usually caught my my filters. Looking at my stats tool shows that someone or multiple someones arrived here looking for information about wool. I understand that, I talk about spinning wool into yarn.

The next most popular searches that bring folks here are numbers. I’m scratching my head over that one. Why would you search the intarwebs (giggle) for the number 38, 42 I understand, but not 38 or 1 or 9 or 10 or 2. It’s beyond me. I got 9 visits from the number 2, am I on Sesame Street?

I am still giggling loudly about the poor soul who stopped by looking for pirate frocks. I can only think an non-native English speaker was hunting for pirate costumes or something. I did post on Talk Like a Pirate Day but it kills me that frocks is from “proefrocks” which is nothing like a frock in my experience.

My goal for Dec 2010 and following is to contribute one quality post a week so traffic should pick up a bit and we’ll have us a good laugh next Fall when we analyze the stats again. When I looked over the posts one this topic, I discovered that my stats program dumped things a while ago so I lost some of the funny words in my admin panel. Here’s a graphic for these search strings.