Election 2010 in Michigan

The first year I moved to Michigan was an election year for governor and many other offices. I moved in mid-June and spent the next several months scrambling for work and trying to feel settled. Election day crept up on me and I have never felt so clueless before or since about what choices to make. I had always prided myself on taking time to see who was running for what office and where the candidates stood on the issues that were important. I think I know who I voted for for governor, but it wasn’t because I knew where that candidate stood. The next time I headed to the polls, I did my research first. I used a search engine to find a site that would show me all the candidates running for all the offices as well as all the referendums listed on the ballot. I came from states where if we had referendum, we rarely used it in the years I was eligible to vote. This year I turned to my search engine of choice once again and found the Mlive Voter’s guide-all the issues, all the candidates, all over the state of MI. I selected my choices, sent myself the email and will print it off when I head to the polls on Tuesday. I have to say, I do love technology when it works. I even found a voter guide of sorts for NY and a few other states, though not as nice as the MI one. The NY one does not let you select the candidate and print off your selections at the end. You’d have to print it and then mark the candidate you want.