I’ve participated in two spindle swaps this summer. I swapped with a lady in Singapore this time. Here is the latest swap for World Wide Spin in Public Day, which this year is September 18th.

From the top left clockwise: (a) Note set with stickers, envelopes and paper (b)Four green and black 100% Jacob batts totaling a bit less than 4oz (c)Two spindles-the one in front is 1.2 oz maple and walnut from A Spinner’s Lair and the one in back is an oak disc. Both fit into the cute drawstring bag underneath (d)Winter edition of Spin-Off, a golden bear with movable joints and a decorative clothespin (e)Unknown red dyed fiber around 2.5 oz (f)This is an overview of swap package, (g)A wrist distaff made from lovely yarn, two stitch markers and a postcard with a lovely note of explanation on the back from my swap partner

For my part, I sent a spindle, an as yet unnamed tool, fiber and “extra”. I will show this treat that I made for her-6 stitch markers plus 1 beginning of the row marker and a decorated holder for her spindle.



MI Fiber Festival

Every year over the third weekend in August, there is a fiber festival in Allegan, MI. I’ve wanted to go the last year or two, but it competed with Buckley Old Engine Show. I suggested the compromise of Buckley on Thursday/Friday and the Fiber Festival on Sat. but this year we decided to go to the Fiber Festival on Sun. It was less busy than it would have been on Say. and we had Boo with us so it made for a relaxing day instead of frustrating. I had a lot of fun petting all the fiber and drooling over all the tools. I found it interesting that some of the booths were yarn shops that packed up and came for the weekend while others are small independent dyers/spinners. We saw sheep, alpaca and a few other animals.

I tended to spend more time looking at fiber than anything, I had a list and a budget. I’m happy to say I didn’t over spend and found 60-70% of my list. Some of the things I purchased were for a swap I participated in and I forgot to take pictures before I mailed it off. I bought two things of sock yarn and a bit of fiber that I kept.
Next year I may have to save up a bit more so that I can have a bigger list of wants.


Test knitting

I’ve been busy of late. Boo keeps me hopping so I don’t get much time to write or craft, but I’m stealing time here and there. I’m still rather addicted to a knit/crochet/yarn website so I don’t make time for other things webby. So here’s a summary of the knitting recently.

Earlier this summer I started test-knitting patterns and completed a hat. The hat is a summer beret made from a cotton blend.

I just finished a shrug last night. I really would have liked to modify the patterns as I knit, but since it was s test knit I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. I may give them away.

I’m taking a break from test-knitting and need to go after some projects of my own.


Documentary: Who Killed the Electric Car?

I watched this documentary tonight. The more I learn in life the more I despise our national leaders.

  • Do you remember solar panels on the roof of the White House? I admit I know this, I just want sources.
  • Do you remember who had them removed?I admit I know this, too and it greatly saddens me. I just want sources.
  • Why would the GM purchase the controlling interest in a patent for a huge electric car battery and then sell it to a big oil company?
  • Why was a member of the hydrogen car movement be allowed to sit on a board that determined the fate of electric cars in California?
  • Why would car companies produce EV cars, lease them, recall the lease and crush the cars when lessees wanted to purchase the cars?
  • When will big business admit there are consumer demands they refuse to acknowledge?
  • Why did cities switch from electric cars to gasoline powered buses?

If you have the answers with sources to back it up, I’d love to hear about it here.