Broadening my podcast horizons

Since I discovered podcasts several years ago, I have stuck with a couple of genres. Lately I have felt pulled to stretch out and find new things to listen to which are not knitting or religion related. I’m sorry to admit that currently there far too many knitting podcasts and aren’t any religion podcasts in my feed. While branching out I tried a several from the “stuff you should know” site but found credibility to be lacking on many. After listening to a string of episodes and yelling at the iPod that that information simply isn’t correct only to hear in the next episode the hosts admit mistakes in fact checking, I gave up on all of them. A few others I have tried and still enjoy are book reviews, real life stories, and most recently fictional stories.

While listening to a knitting podcast I discovered Podiobooks available through iTunes or the podiobook website. I have listened to Shadowmagic, a fun story about an 18 year old boy who wakes up in a dungeon in Tir na nÓg. While not particularly complicated, the author left me begging for the next chapter with his carefully crafted cliffhanger episodes. I’m a sucker for a good fantasy involving Irish mythology. Luckily for me, this audiobook was completed in 2006 so I was able to download the entire book and listen over the weekend. I also found his second book in the series and subscribed via iTunes. I am currently caught up and am afraid that at one episode per week I will be well into the new year before I hear the final installment although I have a strong feeling I know where the major plot lines are headed. The author promises the possibility of a third book. The first book is also available from Harper Collins in paperback. Please see the author’s website for more information.

I’ve been listening to these books while knitting a Deep Waters and Starlit Skies Shrug by Holly Priestley. The original was knit in blue, hence the name. Mine is a green with pink and green flecks. As I wear this during the winter, I’m sure I will contemplate the story line and a movie or two I’ve watched while working on it.

The least listened to podcast in my feed reader are fitness related. I tell myself that soon I will start working on that again. I used to post updates on Fridays about that. It was motivation for me to keep going. I wonder if I can guilt/pressure myself into action again.


Spindle Swap

I joined a spindle swap group on a knit/crochet/yarn site and this was my first swap. Our partners were assigned by a moderator and we swapped to someone different than who swapped to us. I swapped a Spindlewood spindle custom mini square whorl in holly made for my partner, natural Jacob fiber from The Counting Sheep Farm in White Cloud, a scarf pattern, a journal I made and lots of food goodies. Connie emailed back and forth with me to get the spindle just right. Steve did a beautiful job on the spindle. The next time I order one for a swap, I’ll have to mail it directly to its new owner or it may not make it to its new home.

In return, I received this lovely package plus a bumblebee tape measure I forgot to take a picture of at the time.

Golding Purpleheart Goldring Spindle, Colored Cormo from The Counting Sheep Farm, and a journal that was decorated very nicely. Not pictured is Penelope the Empathetic Monster that I received as a gift as well.