Whirlwind Weekend

I’ve had a busy weekend spinning, knitting, and cutting fabric for Boo’s diapers. The spinning is brown Shetland wool I bought in November with my spinning wheel. I’ve certainly improved my spinning since then. I made a 3ply yarn this weekend and I think the best bobbin was the last one I prepared and the worst was the middle. It appears as if I spun with my attention on something else during that second one. I had huge deviations in thickness over the bobbin. I have about 354 yards so far, with a bit more on the wheel still to ply. I’m going to n-ply or Navajo ply because I don’t have an even amount left, the middle bobbin ran out much quicker because I measured the bobbins by weight and some of the fiber was used up in thick areas rather then length. N-plying will allow me to ply each single against itself so I can’t run out. I think I’ll make mittens, scarf, maybe a hat of some sort.

I finished some this weekend: a reusable washable mop cover and a Calorimetry for keeping my ears warm. I followed a free pattern from a big box craft store sponsored by a big yarn maker for the mop cover or it’s online. I didn’t so much like the pattern and won’t make it again. I didn’t make pieces and sew it together, instead I picked up stitches and made the rest up as I went. The Calorimetry is from Knitty. The light brown thing is the bottom of a lunch bag for my Sweet-ums. It’s almost finished now, I’m working on the last few rows, then I have to make the draw string and handles.


First FO of 2010

Here are my first finished objects of 2010. I’ve been busy trying to finish knitting projects. My Cozy shawl from Knitty is finally finished after repeated ripping out and reknitting. The last time I ripped it out was the weekend Boo was born. To use up the scraps I knit a Tribble dishcloth. They look more neat with variegated yarn, but it used up the small ball I had left at the end.


Christmas 2009 sewing project update #4

I was able to complete 5 more placemats for Julie. Even though one picture shows 6, only 5 were delivered because I found a small 2 inch section that needed to be sewn again. I’ve ripped that section and repinned. I discovered that I needed to pull out new pins and trash the old ones. A craftier would have kept them and made some new thing out of them, but they were too dull to keep using on fabric. Now I’m on to the winter/summer placemats-one pinned, nine to go.