Sunday Speculations

I listened to a craft podcast the other day where I finally understood why people feel the need to argue and look down upon those with different viewpoints. It was suggested that people feel defensive when hearing a different viewpoint presented as valid because in their minds it automatically negates any other possible viewpoint as being valid. When one feels as if one is being told he is not correct, he feels threatened and the defenses go up and out come the verbal fists.

Library Plugin gone wacko

I have used a WordPress plugin called “Now Reading” for several years to track the books I’ve read. Though it is designed to be more for my library collection, I use it generically. Some of the books I list I own, many I borrow from the library or friends. After the latest “upgrade” the plugin broke. I’m not heartbroken, but I am bit upset as I have over 150 books listed as read, reading or planned to read since Nov. 2007. Less than 10 books are listed as reading or planned to read. The error I get is, “You are not authorized to perform this action.” Creating a new users on my blog with admin privileges didn’t change the problem. I did find that if I worked backward from the blog to the plugin I could edit “currently reading” books, but received the same error if I tried to add a new book. Part of me things it’s a WordPress problem as my WordPress hiccuped a week or so ago, but I also upgraded this plugin around the time it hiccuped. I didn’t notice the hiccup until Friday. I do have a work-around since I know how to edit MySQL databases but man is that a pain. The plugin wrote a nice little interface that runs information across 4 databases in one little form. I’ll keep using the silly thing until I’m too annoyed with the upkeep and then I’ll switch. If anyone out there uses something similar, I’m taking recommendations.

Ok, after setting my categories and scrolling down the page, I can say it’s a WordPress problem. WordPress has merged my admin account with a contributor account, grrr. I thought I fixed this last week.

Well, after deleting all author/admin/contributor accounts except the admin one, I have had no luck in forcing Now Reading to work. Maybe it’s time to uninstall and reinstall or just replace it with Now Reading Reloaded. I seem to have fewer consistent errors with the new plugin. It’s written by someone else but based the original plugin, so it works with minimal effort.

It seems to be stable now, 20 minutes later. I’ve had to disable another coolie plugin as the install went totally wacky after a recent plugin upgrade-YARPP-yet another related post plugin. As of Aug. 28, an updated release of YARPP seems to have addressed the issue so I have reenabled the plugin and fixed the template to show the related posts on the index as well as the single post pages.


Cloth diaper options

While I understand I will need to use disposable diapers on rare occasions, I am hoping to use cloth the majority of the time. So, I’ve been checking prices for premade cloth diapers and it’s not pretty, so it occurred to me that I might be able to make some. Here’s my list of patterns on the “interwebs” so far: – suggests using Wal-Mart flannel

Diaper making supplies:
I have ordered from here and am pleased so far.

Pre-made diaper sets for sale:


What’s on the iPod

Every now and again I add or remove podcasts from my listening routine. It’s that time again, I’ve deleted many and am in the process of adding more into the mix. I thought that reviews of the ones I do/don’t listened to would be helpful, but I seem to have hurt a feeling or two. I’m going to rethink the “why I don’t listen anymore” statements. Feel free to search iTunes or the web for subscription info and show notes if one catches your eye. Currently, I don’t subscribe to video podcasts as my Nano doesn’t play well with video and I listen mostly while I am away from the computer “doing.” For the most part, I don’t listen to commercial podcasts, no yarn brands, craft stores, etc. Some of my currently listening podcasts are on summer hiatus, so please do not judge the first list by the last publish date, they are still recording as of the start of the summer of 2009.

Here’s the list of what’s been around for at least few months:

  • CraftLit – absolute favorite, classic literature read to listeners with Heather’s literary criticism and craft talk.
  • CraftyPod – only been listening a short while, not ready for comment
  • Doubleknit
  • It’s a Purl, Man >> Podcasts – long-time listener
  • Knit Misadventures
  • knit obsession with zknits
  • Knitmoregirl’s Podcast
  • limenvoilet – Both Lime and Violet have been recording lately, be careful, lots of language and inappropriate content for most, maybe even me.
  • The Moth podcast – True stories told live without notes
  • Never Not Knitting
  • Stash and Burn – long-time listener
  • Sticks & String podcast – long-time listener
  • Stitch Stud and His Bride – long-time listener

Trying out these, but not subscribed to yet:

  • Alex Anderson Quilt Connection
  • The Anatomy of a Knitting Podcast
  • Jackie’s Quilting Chronicles
  • Knitting in the Round
  • Patchwork and Pacifiers
  • Quilted Cupcake Podcast


Book Club & For One More Day

by Mitch Albom
reading guide

a review
A quick read wherein the author let’s you in on his secret a bit at time, though with enough information to figure out most of it before the last page. I’d read it again.

a summary
In the author’s typical style, the story looks at past choices and regrets, and then offers a way to rectify some. The premise of this work asks if you could have one more day with a loved one who had died, what would that day look like, what would you talk about, what would you do, etc. Charley, the main character, is allowed one more day with his long dead mother. He learns to look at himself and his family in a different light.