Christmas in July?

For the last several years, I have participated in Proefrock family Christmas with varying degrees success for completing on-time gifts. The first Christmas, 2006, my main gift for Granny was a bit late, she received it in Feb. or March of 2008. To make up for it, I quickly knitted a hat on one of my circle looms and filled it with goodies so she had at least something to open and keeep. Christmas of 2007 I was on-time with knitted socks and some other goodies for Dad. Christmas of 2008, well, it wasn’t as late as the first gift, but it was not on time. Jeff had to wait until Jan. or Feb. 2009 until I could get all the fish sewn together and to him in blanket form. He was able to open the gift, but I snatched it right back to continue working. If I hadn’t spent so much time coordinating the fish in rows and columns, I would have dumped the box of fish on him and let him figure out what it was. Please follow the Christmas tag or category to read more about those adventures.

I arrive at this year, 2009. Because I Christmas projectam horrible at thinking up a gift and executing it with finesse, I asked if we could draw names early. Everyone agreed, we drew so early that I knew who I was gifting to before anyone opened their 2008 presents. I went to visit my family in NY shortly after Christmas 2008 and came up with a brilliant idea for my secret Christmas Elf project. I purchased many supplies in NY as there were good deals in after-Christmas sales and my mom let me raid her fabrics for small scraps of various coordinating and contrasting fabrics. I have vacillated several times, wondering is this the best project for the person, is it too much work, is it a good idea, will the person like it. I have no concrete answers as I don’t want to let too many in on the project. I have decided is to start it, finish a stage at a time and reevaluate each time. I have been working on it over the last several months and while I’m not finished, I have made some progress. Here is a lovely photo of my leftover main fabrics and tools. I have completed the first stage so I’m celebrating Christmas in July. I like it so far. Hopefully it won’t look like Little One put the project together. I’m wading deep into sewing/quilting. While I can sew, I haven’t done as much quilting as I would like. I have lots of books and theory. Merry Christmas?