In which I rationalize a knitting slump

Threaden (a.) Made of thread; as, threaden sails; a threaden fillet.
Yarn (n.) Spun wool; woolen thread; also, thread of other material, as of cotton, flax, hemp, or silk; material spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, or the like.

My knitting is slow-going just now. I’ve been wrapped up sorting crafts and other boxes in the basement, collecting things for an upcoming baby, and gardening.

Almost off my needles is one baby blanket in mint green with teddy bears. I would like to make a plushy teddy bear in the same color to go with the blanket, time will tell.

Next up (maybe) is a ducky blanket much like the teddy bear, only soft yellow instead of green. I would also like to make a plushy ducky to go with the blanket. Not that they would be inseparable, just coordinating.

Still no photos to offer, still no finished Spring Chick, though I have made progress on it. I’m afraid the fiddly work upsets my elbow a bit and until I go back for more prolotherapy I’m avoiding fiddly.

While not related to knitting, I have been slowly collecting scrapbook pieces here and there hoping to finish my (our) wedding scrapbook before our second anniversary or at the very least the arrival of Little One. I may be ready now.


A Review: Made from Scratch

Subtitled “Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life”
written by Jenna Woginrich

a review
I can’t rate this high enough. A must read for anyone who would like to depend less on corporate America (or any other country), our Government and more on him/herself. In a humorous yet factual manner, the author shares her adventures of moving, raising small animals for food and fiber (to spin into yarn), crafting, thrifting for essentials that need not be brand new and other interesting discoveries along the way.

a summary
The author shares her experiences and knowledge of learning to live local. She shares chapters on raising a few chickens with limited acreage, gardening on a budget, learning to live without modern distractions, and shares a wealth of research at the end of the book.

favorite quote
“Vegetable gardening has been called ‘the peaceful sedition’ because at the most basic level, when a person can feed and shelter herself, she doesn’t require a government to provide for her.”