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    I read several reviews that were less than glowing for this book. I have to respectfully disagree. Maybe because I am expecting our first little one and while I do not know little one, I already treasure little one more than words can describe. I found the switch between the account of the events and the dreams the author had interesting. While I may not believe in past lives, it’s not for me to jump all over someone who does. The author shared deeply personal emotions as she went back and forth in through decisions about the adoption.

    a summary
    The author shares her account of events as she travels to China with her neighbor, who intends to adopt an orphaned girl. The events seem to change and swirl around the author as she attempts to understand her role in the adoption process of a woman she barely knows. She bonds almost immediately with Baby, while the adoptive mother won’t even hold Baby. She struggles with dreams of a previous life in China while seeking her path in the present day China and USA.


Day 4422 of captivity

Day 4422 of captivity

9:10 am
They locked me in the pen again and left me alone. I really wish they would stop doing that. I like to ride in the car as much as they do. They take me sometimes, I like it when they take me with them, I get to put my head out the window and pant.

9:30 am
Freedom!!!! I’m out of my cage and get to explore. Yum, bunny fur. I’m going to scatter it all over the sidewalk and side yard.

10:00 am
Drat!! The neighbor kid spotted me in her front yard, must run faster. Hurry, hurry.

11:00 am
Drat!! The other neighbor spotted me and is watching me. I’m going to pretend I don’t see him and continue hunting butterflies, cowbirds and maybe a cat.

11:45 am
Thirsty, very thirsty, must go home and get water.

12:15 pm
Time to explore again, maybe the neighbors have gone away and won’t see me.

12:30 pm
Drat, he still sees me. He’s calling my name, I’m gong to pretend I don’t hear him. Oh noes, he’s following me, must head home, quickly. Ack!! He’s still following me, I’ll pretend I’m going in the house and waiting to be let in, maybe he’ll go away.

12:45 pm
I’m trapped on the porch, he won’t let me go.

1:00 pm
He put me back in the pen and duct taped the door close, I’m stuck here.