Threaden Thursday

Threaden (a.) Made of thread; as, threaden sails; a threaden fillet.
Yarn (n.) Spun wool; woolen thread; also, thread of other material, as of cotton, flax, hemp, or silk; material spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, or the like.

I haven’t posted anything knitting related in a while so here’s what’s on and off my needles in 2009?

  • I made a pair of slippers for Granny, peach and white. But I failed to take pictures. I’m sure Granny will show if you ask nicely.
  • I am working on my R2D2 plushy bot, slowly. Much like the R2D2 beanie, I am knitting in the round, intarsia style. I am sort of making the pattern up as I go. I purchased a collector R2D2 and opened the package. I’ll wait for the collective gasp to settle. I then measured in centimeters and graphed according to how large the final product should be. I’m probably about 5-10% into the project. I picked up some nice plastic bobbins, in Traverse City a few months ago, to make this project easier than the beanie. There’s a nice Ben Franklin with reasonable prices.
  • I found a cute chick and egg pattern on a knitting site that I frequent. It’s an Alan Dart pattern, available on his site for free as of today. I don’t understand the difference between decrease by working two together and k2tog, so I’ve decided to make it up as I go. I’m probably about 5% of the way through this one.
  • I have ten or so squares from a swap I participated in to collect blocks to make a blanket. I don’t know if I’ll participate in another swap, it was a lot of work to hostess this and it wore me out.

I have no photos to offer, check back next week and I might have a pic or two.


Dear Blog,

Through no fault of your own, I have ignored you. I’m sure you must feel left out in the cold as it was during the coldest months in MI when I stopped posting regularly. Please accept my sincerest apologies, I truly had not meant to go this long with out saying interesting things on a semi-regular basis. I feel like I should offer excuses that involve my wasted time at other online forums, TV watching and other things but I won’t. I’ll quietly accept responsibility and get back to thinking brilliant things on which to post.

Sincerely sorry,

Book Club & The Shack

I was unable to attend this month’s meeting so I cannot comment on what was discussed. I was a bit disappointed. A few people couldn’t meet last week so it was moved to tonight, but it was my day in GR. I’m not going to do a summary or review as comprehensive as the first book. I am unsure about the next meeting as I haven’t gotten the book from the library yet. I ordered it over a month ago and it still hasn’t arrived. If it arrives in time for me to read it, I’ll try to attend, if not, maybe it’s a sign *giggle*

My thoughts:
Several years before reading the book, I am able to recall the fuss generated by this book because of how the author chose to portray the Trinity, God as Father, God as Son and God as Holy Spirit. Many were encouraged to avoid the book, denounce it, and more. I didn’t store the title of the book in my head, only the supposed problems with it. In the Spring of 2008 this book was recommended to me by a friend, but I was chastised again not to read it for the theology, as if I am not a critical thinker. I was told it had an interesting message about forgiveness that I might find helpful. I read it and enjoyed the theology as well as the story. Sometimes being outside of the box is a good thing. I’m not going to preach sermons from it, nor will I probably put into practice much of the book, but the author certainly presented some interesting arguments for changing thought patterns.

This story is quite fictional, but the story seems real at times, too real. The author gives the reader a few opportunities to rationalize how the most fantastic of the events could have been less that accurate. I choose to read it as written, trying to take the fictional main character, Mack, and his close friend, Willie, at their word.

Mack experiences a great loss in his life which in turn leads to a gread sadness that he seems unable to overcome. While his wife has a strong faith in God, Mack’s life experiences have left him feeling rather distant. He receives an invitation that seems to indicate that God would like to meet with him. This is his journey to find God.

Some online guides for The Shack by William Young (spoilers possible):
Guide 1
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