Wordless Wednesday: The Gleaners

The Gleaners

The Gleaners

This is a photograph of a painting that is currently hanging in a museum in Paris, France. I was first introduced to this painting when I was creating visual presentations for a pastor with whom I worked. I won’t attempt to quantify what it means to me, I will just say that it stirs something in me when I see it.


When a podcaster stops realeasing new episodes without much warning, it is said the podcast has experienced podfade. I’m caught up on most of my podcasts, other than CraftLit because it takes a while to listen to an entire episode. Since I have very little else to listen to other than CraftLit, I went looking for new-to-me podcasts on knitting and in the process I’ve decided to clean out those that appear to have podfaded.

Here’s my list:

There are a few more that haven’t released a new episode since Nov., but I’m going to wait a few more months before removing them.


Project Gutenburg Goal

When you start volunteering as a distributed proofreader at Project Gutenberg, you start as a level P1 with zero pages. There are minimums to meet before moving to the next level. In order for me to achieve the next level in the absolute shortest time, I would have had to do the following:

      By 12/6/08 read 300 pages and passed the proofreaders and formatters quiz. This would move me up to P2 and F1, min. time 21 days active.
      By 12/27/2008 have a combined reading total of combined (P1 & P2) 400 pages and at least 50 P2 pages and 50 F1 pages. This would move me up to P3, min. time 42 days active.
      By 02/13/2009 have formatted a total of 400 F1 pages to enable me to move up to F2 in the min. allotted time of 91 days.

Life is what happens while you plan. Things came up and I didn’t get as many pages as I wanted. I have a total of 117 pages read, with 32 of those on one day with in extremely easy children’s book. I don’t have a new timeline for moving up, but I do love setting goals for myself, it’s how I keep going. I tried to talk myself into 10 pages a day, but that’s not working well either. The best I’ve done for myself is to leave this post as a draft so I see it every time I log in to write something else. If you can read English, you can proof. If you can read other languages, join now, there is a larger backlog of foreign languages than English, but there is always something to read.



I attended a meeting tonight where a participant asked the other attenders whether or not they/we made New Year’s resolutions. I promptly said no, but I do set goals during the year for myself. I have made them for the New Year in the past, but I break them too quickly then beat myself up for not having enough willpower to keep up with it. Several others shared, then the original questioner shared his take on resolutions. He made a double/half resolution. He decided to pick an activity in which to double his participation and to halve a different one. This fairly well describes many of my 101 in 1001 goals, which both heartened and discouraged me in one nice little statement. I am not making progress on my list, but if I obsess over it I won’t accomplish any of it.

His specific questions:

      What in your life should you double?
      What should you halve?

While many of my goals fit nicely into this dilemma, I think I shall attempt for the next little while to halve TV watching and double time-on-task. Broad, yes, but necessary. I have no idea how much time I spend watching TV, nor do I know if watching videos counts. I don’t spend as much time on several specific, repetitive tasks as I would like. Housework is but one of many, I can’t tell you the last time I vacuumed and swept the floors without serious thought and possibly higher order mathematical calculations. I’ve begun my exercise regiment, but need to be more consistent. I don’t knit as much as I want to either, but I’m afraid that’s due largely in part to the internet and the yarn-treadmill lunacy. Part of my brain thinks this is a grand plan while the other part curls up in the corner whimpering about the treadmill eating the yarn or needles or me or all of the aforementioned.