Wordless Wednesday

As the name implies on Wednesdays, during NaBloPoMo, my posts will be graphic in nature. At my former place of employment, I did a fair amount of graphic editing with Photoshop. If I had $1,500 I didn’t know what to do with, I would still use it. Since I do not, I have happily switched to GIMP for Linux and Windows. The above graphic features letter tiles created with GIMP after viewing a PhotoShop tutorial. I didn’t translate into GIMP this time, I searched for GIMP tutorials. The site that linked this tutorial featured all the tutorials I just viewed for Photoshop and I’m not sure what to think about. I’ll link to the actual GIMP tutorial, not the repository, yet. The tutorial was nice and simple, easy to follow. Even someone without previous graphic experience could follow it. I am also investigating Inkscape to replace Illustrator.