Time to backup again

I have finally finished going through all my posts, 103, checking for tags, categories, bad coding, and a random spot check of grammar and spelling. I will admit that the first 75 or so got a good going over, mostly. There were 10 or so in that first 75 that I have gone over multiple times, so they only received a cursory glance. The last 28 or so, let’s just say, I checked out during those. I’ll recheck them eventually. I did update my blog to be tableless! So very excited about that. I will admit that I am not sure if I used proper CSS to manage the photo layout, but I did it as best I could. There are a few things that didn’t go right, but I worked around them. Time to perform a backup from WordPress so that I don’t lose my categories again. I had one of my plug-ins break, but found a fix on the author’s webpage, though I don’t understand why it fixed, it is. Now Reading breaks with WordPress 2.5.1, I tried downloaded 4.4.4beta, but that was useless. I rolled back to 4.4.1 and went into my permalinks menu, didn’t change anything but click on update and the plug-in magically began working again.

My garden is underway in the basement with a grow light. I have several more broccoli plants breaking ground and one hot pepper plant. I picked up some tomato seeds and trays for the seeds, planted those a half hour ago. In preparation for two of my wisdom teeth departing on Thursday, I am packing as much as I can into these last few days. I have no idea how I will react to anesthesia, I haven’t had it since I was a kid. I also don’t know how much pain will be involved, so I am planning on losing a few days. By Sat. morning, I am hoping to be back up to snuff.

Online Survey

A few years ago one of my friends told me about an online survey company for which he completed surveys. I asked him to send an invite and on 2004-09-10 I joined. I completed a lot of surveys my first couple of years, but slacked off last year due to a lack of time. Since I work for myself now, I have some time on my hands and decided to start completing them again. I updated my email address and accumulated a number of points. I used to redeem the points for gift cards to a computer/office supply chain, but those are not offered anymore. I decided to redeem my gift cards for PayPal payments, I’m curious to see if I get the full amount or the amount minus fees. I would hope I don’t pay the fees as the company now saves on postage. I’ll see, either way I’m excited to have my account with $$ so that I can use the account to buy more songs. I am slowly accumulating my music stash for the music team I am a part of, it’s nice to have the music to practice during the week.
If you have extra time on your hands and would like an invite to participate in the surveys let me know, I’d be happy to send along an invite. My email address? My name at the proefrocks.net 🙂

If you read this blog with an rss reader, you will notice that old posts pop up again. I am slowly editing old posts that lost their categories due to my failure to restore the correct database table. The longer I live, the more I learn. I’m rather pleased with myself for fixing my blog and implementing some long-overdue changes. Thanks for bearing with me.

April 29-My PayPal account has money in it, without losing any of it to fees, less than 24 hours. I’m quite impressed, wish they had done this all along. I am glad not to have to exchange one gift card for another at a store in GR.

In which I am reminded backing up

and the difference between SQL database back up and WordPress export. I received notice the other day that WordPress, my blog of choice, would like to be updated to its newest version. I said self, let’s wait a bit before we do that, then upgrade the test one if that goes well, then Josh’s, and finally mine. Of course, backup the files first. I grabbed the current theme that I had majorly tweaked, I backed up the SQL database, tables go wonky some times. What I failed to do was initiate the WordPress backup, why? Because I have never really done it except to set up the test blog. I wanted all the same posts in the test blog as of March 18, so I exported from one WP install and imported to the new one. It never occurred to me to export my own WP data from inside WP. I shall chalk that up to lack of knowledge, I now know it is much easier to import than to tweak the SQL database. The brighter side of all of this is I have a really clean SQL database. For some reason my initial install of WP last Julyish, had one naming scheme. There was a brand new naming scheme for this upgrade, I think. And that leaves the middle naming scheme, I don’t really care where it came from, though my guess would be from one of the installs where a major database upgrade was required. Now there is just the current one, hopefully everything will play well. I was able to shift around, delete, and rename the tables without errors. I checked upon each movement, before deleting anything. I was able to see why my newest upgrade balked, unfortunately, I was a bit reactionary. Had I dived into the SQL database first, I would have been able to fill the empty tables from the newest install with the last install data and go happily along. However, doing that would have made me uneasy in the long run and I would just exported the data and started over anyway. Which is where I am at now. The posts are back, my gallery works, my plug-ins are back, but not activated and I uploaded my theme. I’ll get everything up to snuff by Monday or Tuesday night if not sooner. Meanwhile, enjoy the new theme, let me know if anything is broken 🙂

It would be important to point out that my system failed, I shall have to investigate further. My test blog upgraded flawlessly, I left all the plugins active. My real blog crashed and burned, I remembered to turn all the plugins off. When I got the new install up, I did notice that I already had spam. If something tried to post a spam comment during an install, it may have caused a problem. I have since corrected an initial mistake I made when I installed the blog. I installed it to root of the website, which meant that a new install would be impossible as the root website folder would never be empty. I didn’t know about this requirement until I already click install. Dreamhost has an awesome feature: one-click installs for many of the popular pieces of software. We as users are of course strongly encouraged to read any and all documentation before proceeding. They have made the profess even more simple than when I originally started. I do advanced one-click so I choose some options, but the other option allows Dreamhost to choose default locations, databases, etc. I’m a bit miffed, but what’s a girl to do, the test blog said it was happy.

My email is my name at this domain name.


  1. Theme
    1. Sidebar/Widgets
    2. Blogroll-fix titling issues
    3. edit bottom line to use terms “based upon”
    4. Upgrade all plugins, including cystat uninstaller
    5. Pages
      1. Archives-currently very broken, I wonder if I took notes on what I did last week-grumble-need to reinstall some stuff and turn some other settings off, php was broken by WordPress-reinstall exec php, duh!
      2. About
      3. turn the rest into posts and check temp drafts of posts
  2. Edit all posts and put categories back, on the bright side, I can add tags now that I know how to use them
    1. While editing tags, place posts in a series if applicable
    2. remove all coding associated with hr, define in CSS
    3. Remove tables and use CSS for photoa and photob
    4. Retitle ABC-along A is for, B is for, etc.
    5. check permalink structure for linked posts-my default is year/month/day, not the WordPress default
  3. Reconfigure all plugins
  4. It almost goes without saying-export it all. I wonder where my categories went, I have a feeling it had something to do with a table in the database not being renamed correctly, which would be my fault.

Knitting Podcasts with Show Notes

I use iTunes exclusively to subscribe to the podcast itself and Firefox with a plug-in to grab the show notes feed. I should give a small warning for content at this point. Some of the podcasts are benign while others can be offensive. Please be sure to read about the podcast, check for explicit tags, etc. The name of the show is linked to the website of the podcast and “Podcast” links to the podcast feed, in case you don’t use iTunes. The “Show Notes” link is as it describes, notes from each podcast show containing links to other websites, links to books and other things the hosts discuss. The “(feed)” is a link for the rss feed to the show notes. If you have iTunes installed, you may click on the phrase “iTunes Feed” to add it to your podcast list there.

In which I have an idea or two

I began making static pages for topics and dividing, then subdividing, the analyzing and over analyzing the results. While trekking around the house this afternoon, I decided I would rather make blog posts about topics, not static pages. We all know how to use the search bar, I think. At least, most days I remember how to use one. I am going to make a series of posts in which I list the podcasts I listen to and why, the knitting blogs I read and why, the non-knitting blogs I read and why, and then the plug-ins/widgets I have tried with WordPress 2.x. If I no longer use the plug-in/widget I will attempt to explain why, if I remember. If I don’t remember, maybe you can help me out with a suggestion or two.

My other bright idea involves advertising. My wonderful brother-in-law, the younger one, keeps sending me computer clients, of which I am immensely grateful. I need to do a bit more for myself from the advertising perspective. I’d like to be reasonably busy three days a week with clients, 3-6 hours each day.

Stay tuned for multiple posts over many days to arrive at this info finding a new home and for new photos. I have to admit, I’m starting to wane. A photo a day sounds fun until you’ve done it for 23 days. Some days I have three great photos and others none. I try to remember the other two I didn’t use on the days I can’t find any.

Knitting Blogs

Random blogs to investigate, yes, my web page is still my bookmark. I figure it worked so well for me when I was first learning. The other benefit is that if my bookmark is here, I have to visit and update.

Blogs no longer updated, but can’t delete:

At this point I am unsure of whether I will keep this post updated or create new ones when the mood strikes.

Podcasts I don’t subscribe to anymore

  • Brenda Danye – I know my language is not always as pure as it should be, but I do draw the line. She crossed it in her Nov. 2007 episode. I will tolerate it at times, but she uttered it at the end of an episode, after the mic was probably supposed to be off. I felt like she was upset and out it came without another thought. Either no one goes back and edits or she just didn’t care, either way.
  • She Knits – I enjoyed listening about the bags she created and the new teaching adventure she was experiencing. I deleted this podcast when she spent too much of an episode complaining about and belittling one of her children. I pray that the child never hears what mom thinks and says behind the back rather than dealing with it face to face. I had to struggle through the Christmas episodes of YarnThing because they put those few podcasts out together.
  • I think there are one or two others I’m missing. I’ll share as I remember them.
  • Spring has arrived . . .

    Good intentions often go awry in the course of an actual day. I plan, I plot, I attempt to be as productive as possible, then life happens. I seem to be more ready at the end of a week to accomplish my tasks.
    My list today:

    • laundry
    • print some email
    • repack kitchen items from cardboard to plastic but only about half of what I wanted, there’s more to go, but I’m checking it off because progress was made
    • sort three office boxes – file or shred – maybe on Sat.
    • straighten the living room- maybe on Sat.
    • garden-the black dirt arrived today, THANKS DAD!

    Granny called this morning, then Jason called. There was a lunch up at Mom and Dad’s church, so I threw on some clothes and raced to Granny’s house. We had a wonderful lunch and I drove Granny home. We wandered about the yard looking at evidence of spring. Daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, violets and other pretty green, yellow, pink and purple things. I think maybe next week, I will spend a morning or afternoon with Granny helping with the beds. Then we looked at the product of wonderful talent-one of her brothers and his son made and sold blown glass figurines. There are impressive: a carousel that spins, bears, swans, punch bowl with cups and an ladle and more.

    I arrived arrived home around 3pm and managed to accomplish almost half of my list. I am also beginning to find it challenging to complete my photo-a-day, but I am not giving up. As I thought about it yesterday, it occurred to me that if I participate next year, I will be three months late again. I decided to look through my 2008 photo folder and discovered that I took pictures on 23 days during the first 91 days of the year. I am going to use those and call it finished on December 31, 2008 unless I feel that I won’t do it again next year. In that case, I will probably extend my deadline to March 31 and remove the first 23. To that end, I have placed these 23 pic in a folder of their own.

    • top left: a handsome, proper puppy
    • top right: I call this one – cat in a basket
    • middle left: I didn’t take this picture, but it was taken with my camera
    • middle right: knitting entertainment
    • bottom left: mosaic for 23 of 91
    day016 day017
    day017b day017b