I’m moved!

Yesterday, Mom P, Granny and I went back to GR to clean my apt and have adventures. The apt. was clean in 45 minutes flat. We then went to World Market, they had never been. On the way back north we stopped and got fresh fruit at a market.

Today I began the daunting task of merging and organizing two households into one house. I’ve all but decided we need to wear the same clothes all week or go naked-too much laundry. And I like doing laundry. I need to get my closet full of clothes again.

Tonight I’m fixing up laptop that I bartered for with a client. XP Pro is installed again, now I need to do Linux and figure out how to get my wireless adapter working. The thing is a royal pain, it’s own manufacturer doesn’t support it any more.

The Great Move of ’07

And the move continues-

On Monday Jason and I retrieved the furries. His kitty isn’t adjusting too well, she’s still screaming a lot, so we are keeping her separated from the other three. The boys are warming up to Daisy. As I type, Z-kitty is on the back of the couch with Daisy underneath on the seat. LG was out last night, but he stared at Daisy the whole time, even when he rolled on to his back, he still kept her in sight. Daisy is keeping her distance, even though I can see the excitement in her eyes when she sees the boys.

Last night I spent a half hour to forty-five minutes cleaning the windows on the Saturn. Red comes off the easiest, yellow is a close second, followed by white and blue. I called mom to find out how she got it off, since the automatic, touchless carwash did not make a dent. I had to use a plastic scrubbie thing with a hose and a mercury vapor light. (A note from April 2008, the windows still have some of the colors on them.)

The apt cleaning is coming along nicely. I figure about a day, day and a half of packing left before I can clean. I had help yesterday from some friends-we got over half the kitchen packed, more of the boxes from the roommate’s room packed. I can’t wait to have a completely clean apt-but then I will have to start on the house. My goal for today is to get some pictures online from the wedding, in order to do that I’ll have to build a windows box or figure out my new Linux toy.

Wedding Day

Our wedding was wonderful. We had many friends and family there. Thank you to all who saw a need and pitched in, thanks to those of you who were drafted and participated gladly. You made our day very special.

Final countdown

We went to get our marriage license today, $5 fee and $15 counseling-which consisted of a pamphlet. The girl behind the counter was quite friendly, but she didn’t like my birth certificate, it doesn’t list my parents, nor their birth places. She actually asked if I had another one when I acknowledged that my parent’s names weren’t there.

I have two scrapbooks mostly done, still need to journal it. I may just work on posts and print them. The third scrapbook doesn’t have too many pictures in it, but it leaves plenty of room for journaling. My goal for today is to get the scrapbooks done and possibly the bracelets.

T minus 9 days

So the dress was a complete flop, first time in my life that I failed miserably with a sewing project. I bought a dress Tuesday night, with some cute shoes. It should all turn out nicely, unless the shoes make me too tall, then I’ll go barefoot. I know where I’m going to get the cakes-just need to order them and make our cake. I need to find holders for the unity candles and finish the scrapbooks. I have my cube just about cleaned out, I can grab everything else in one trip tomorrow and turn everything else in the 21st.

When I was supposed to be working on my dress . . .

I simpsonized myself.



So I pulled out all the pieces to being cutting the fabric and I didn’t have a zipper or hook/eye. Luckily, stores that carry those were open. I returned home, cut the fabric and realized I didn’t have any lining, no really, I do know how to sew and read a pattern. My pattern, well, let’s just say it was designed with the skinny teen in mind, at least according to how the pieces fit me when I sewed them back together. I decided I had time to look for another dress. Left with the roommate and found a dress that provided inspiration for a different top to the dress. It looks as though the skirt part of it was/is fine. I created a pattern for the new top and will try it out tomorrow-without the lining until I know it works.

T minus 16 days

Things are coming together-the favors are done, the flowers are in process, as are the scrapbooks and programs. Hopefully, I’ll get the programs and dress done this weekend. Resignation letter is turned in, business cards for computer consulting have arrived.

To do:

  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Scrapbooks
  • Dress
  • Programs
  • Music for Ceremony/Reception
  • Gifts
  • Misc. Things I’m forgetting
  • Clean Apt.


  • Favors (bookmarks)
  • Fabric for tables
  • Tablecloths
  • Rings
  • Jason’s Clothes

It’s about time . . .

As my time at work draws to a close, I have discovered that I will greatly miss Adobe CS2. Even though I don’t use any of the products to the level they should be, I still enjoy the ability to play with graphics and what not. In preparation for that loss, I decided to see what Linux had to offer in that arena, I do so like free. I found UbuntuStudio. It was a pain burn the iso to a DVD, but after reading the support forums, I downloaded a trial version of a pay to keep software and it worked like a charm. I bartered for a laptop a few weeks ago, so I installed it to that to play around. I know I will blow up the installation before long to try something new, but I have it on my list. So after many years of complaining about many other OS choices, I finally stepped into the world of Linux.